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  • It’s the 256Gb in space grey, WiFi only.

    Could let it go for £900 including the magic keyboard... fully boxed etc.

  • I have a 12.9 pro. Great when I'm sketching, but unwieldy when trying to just browse etc. Haven't tried with keyboard yet but by that point I just grab the MacBook...

  • Question for all you guys carrying your MacBook Pro's around: do you use something to protect your screen?

    Was surprised that I get marks (I think the correct term is 'grease transfer') from the keys very quickly when carrying mine around in a backpack, mostly right in the center of the screen so of course quite annoying.

    Best I've found so far (considering I'd love to have a matte kind of display anyway) are the iVisor things from Moshi.
    Anybody using these or have other recommendations?

  • My girlfriend has got a new iphone and wants my assistance in moving all the stuff over from her old iphone (even though I've never owned an iphone).

    Does it all just magically transfer when you sign in to the new phone? She always gets messages about icloud being full or something so I guess maybe everything won't transfer? Is it worth paying for icloud briefly to sync everything? Is there anything that needs to be synced or copied manually? What about whatsapp and its media, texts, etc? Should I be backing up to a PC somehow?

    What's the crap about e-sims? Does it still just use a normal sim and that's something extra or do you need an e-sim from your network?

    Cheers for any help, I have very little idea how it all works.

  • Make sure her last iPhone has been fully backed up (under iCloud settings) then sign in on the new phone and select the latest backup. Everything will transfer apart from synced to the phone.

  • New phone setup is very easy, assuming the old one is on at least iOS 11. Don’t even need iCloud to set up. If old phone is really old, then there are iCloud options which are still quite easy.


  • Cheers both. The old phone has iOS 12.4 so it looks like it should be pretty easy. I may still suggest paying for icloud for backups anyway

    I don't suppose anyone knows if the wireless transfer works by direct wireless transfer between the phones or they both connect to the wi-fi and it's via the router.


  • Direct between the phones. It’s really easy.

  • Great, I won't even have to move it onto a new network.

  • Might be a bit late but i have a Moshi iVisor for my iPad Pro - it’s great. Actually prefer using it to the glossy screen for touch and it definitely reduces glare & fingerprints a lot.

    Would imagine it working well for MacBook Pro too...

    Only minor negative is that it does seem to reduce brightness by maybe 5%

  • Has anyone managed to get nhs discount from a apple shop.

  • Home button stopped working on my iPhone 6S a few weeks back. Then last week I dropped my phone, while cycling, cracked and chipped the screen. Also when I’m a phone call people keep saying there is an problem with the microphone.

    Thinking to replace with an 11pro any reason not too? I thought about the SE2 but would like the extra battery life.

    I get 8% discount on gift cards at Currys, so thinking to stack loads of gift cards together to buy.

  • Only major reason is iPhone 12 launching in September....

  • 11 pro is rather great. The cameras are bonkers and the battery life is a huge jump coming from a 6s which was always a bit anaemic.

  • Oh didn’t know this! Good info. Think I will wait until September.

  • how the shit do you group delivery on apple online store?

    I want to order 11" iPad Pro, its out of stock, thats fine, but trying to order they're going to ship the magic keyboard out this week, but the iPad out in 4-5 weeks. I want to be within the 14 day window to return if i decide i don't like it..

    Do I really have to order them seperately and try and time it well?

  • Just wanted to follow up on this and to say a huge thanks for the advice. It worked perfectly and I now have a fully working iMac running faster than it ever has.

    Can you ref this please? Sounds a good idea!

  • Do you need a discount to buy sth? Ask @chrisbmx116 and he’ll tell you who to contact!

    Hi Chris! Just a round about way of saying hello to you!

  • I use a layer of ‘dust removal paper’, don’t know if you can get them in the UK but the texture is like a piece of dried baby wipe, so thin as a tissue paper but not as easily torn. Tried other stuff like a microfibres cloth etc but have found it too thick.

    Depends on your models, you should have 4 years to have the screen replaced, but I am not sure if it’s worth it unless it’s really bad.

    I had the screen of one of my macs replaced end of last year, within a few times of my forgetting to put a layer on, or thinking I am only going from on end of the building to the other end, the screen is marked again.

  • I’m not sure you can.

    Both look to be in stock online at John Lewis. Might be better from them? 2 year guarantee on electronics I think and 35 day returns.

  • Yes nhs key workers and the nhs direct discount aint worth a carrot . Prefare the shop with id

  • I want silver and US keyboard layout.. i’m annoying like that

  • Shoot me a PM. 😉

  • OH HAI!
    How are things? Hows the PC build?

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Everything Apple (the Mac heads thread)

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