Everything Apple (the Mac heads thread)

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  • Yeah, I wouldn't, but as others have said...

  • Ha, just realized they are bringing back the startup chime with Big Sur


  • Those icons though.. I mean seriously, what the fuck?

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  • ...

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  • So when do machines come out that have the new chip architecture?

  • Later this year. Likely October/November.

  • I'm really curious to see the performance. Considering the Axx chips are absolutely killing the competition (and some intel laptop chips for that matter) I wonder what they can do for laptops and desktops. Would love if they dropped a consumer machine like the macbook air but with a chipset that'll run loops around the equivalent intel / amd

  • You're a brave man if you buy in to the first wave

  • I mean, the latest iPad Pro is faster than the i9 in the MBP at some things so...

    Still rocking a 2011 MBP which still somehow seems fast enough so will see how the new ones look. Keen to get a decade out of it. Battery health is 83% and it has all the ports.

  • The touchbar on my 2018 13” pro has died sometime recently, just blank. Have reset SMC and NVRAM to no success. Anyone else experienced this?

  • You're a brave man if you buy in to the first wave

    My full name is Mad-Dog Dammit, but I only tend to use the last part.

  • It's new hardware, going for first generation new hardware is always a bit of a gamble. In this case with Apple I wouldn't be buying the first gen ARM chipped macbooks with the expectation of any 3rd party software working

  • But it's an evolution of an established Apple chip design, which has a huge existing software ecosystem.

  • For iOS yeah, for Mac OS this is a massive change.

  • Both are Linux based though, so they already benefit from a larger software ecosystem.

  • The chips are really different though. I'm trying to find the comment on hacker news that explained it well but basically the ARM chip does not have a lot of the utilities built in to the Intel ones, it's a lot more bare bones. It means theoretically software can be written to be more efficient but it also means devs will have to go in and write these processes for the software to work. So expect new software that comes out to be fine but existing stuff is all going to have to be updated.

  • Jesus. What a mess.

  • The Magic Keyboard makes working on the iPad so much more enjoyable... Sitting enjoying the morning sun and powering through some emails.

    Only wish I’d bough the 12.9” iPad instead of the 11 now...

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  • where do you see you benefiting from bigger?

    im strongly considering the 11 as havent had many times with my 10.5 where id need bigger

  • It’s a great question - don’t really know. Just more screen real estate i guess.

    You’re probably right that the 12.9 would be overkill.

    But still... interested in buying an 11 inch pro w/ magic keyboard?

  • So expect new software that comes out to be fine but existing stuff is all going to have to be updated

    This makes zero sense to me as an application developer. We don't interact with chips as a feature level - very little code is written in assembler these days. For 99% of us it'll be click the ARM checkbox and recompile.

    (It's best to assume everyone on Hacker News is an overexcited 14 year old that's learnt everything they know from reading the wibblings of other overexcited 14 year olds)

  • if its the base storage wifi option.. possibly.. i was going to get the US keyboard but not too big a deal..

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Everything Apple (the Mac heads thread)

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