Everything Apple (the Mac heads thread)

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  • They were really Motorola chip Macs. Seeing what they did with the iPhone and iPad I think it won't be nearly as bad as the m68k days.

  • Remember the move from PowerPC to intel chips. That was a ballache if you had older machinery. I’m hoping it’s not as much of a ballache this time round.

  • They recently extended the trademark 'Rosetta', so probably some architecture overlap like last time.

  • My recollection of both transitions is that everything was seamless, the new models were way faster, and there was no obvious downside unless you'd recently bought one of the outgoing models and expected it to have resale value in a few years.

    They were really Motorola chip Macs

    The 68k Macs were Motorola. The PowerPC were either IBM (G3, G5) or Motorola (G4).

    Anyway, I'm most excited that the new version of macOS is 11.0!

  • Anyone got a 27” iMac they want to sell? Pref a 2017 model. I was going to buy a new one but the WWDC announcement took the wind out of those sails. My ancient Macbook Air can’t handle Lightroom any more.

  • This Big Sur looks like a fucking joke.
    By 2022 they'll have rainbow translucen'd all the things with spinning 3D cherry emoticons on top.

    Look at that guy shoving widgets around on his huge ass 6K display like a 4 year old in Kindergarten.
    It's a fucking disgrace.

  • It’s just eye candy. Once you enable “reduce transparency” and have normal stuff on screen it won’t look all that different.

    I’m a bit nervous about Finder. There’s nearly two decades of muscle memory with that.

    Also, has Adobe confirmed that all their shit will work or just Photoshop?

  • This Big Sur looks like a fucking joke.

    I'm more concerned by the amount of stuff that Catalina broke and still isn't fixed that they're already moving on to the next major update.

  • Apple don’t acknowledge regressions.

  • UI designers I follow in twitter (WHY DO I DO THAT?!?!) are loving the return of skeuomorphism. and drop shadows.

  • Lots of smoke and mirrors with that style, and plenty of hiding room for shit design decisions

  • So the Ive influence is already waning then..

  • Please no?!

    Dare I ask for some examples...

  • It’s the keynote version of that trick where you have to guess which cup the ball is in.

  • Illustrator on iPad is either currently in or shortly to be in closed beta so that's going to make the list. No idea beyond that though.

  • TC said there are still Intel based Macs in their pipeline.

  • Thankfully. Terrible UI leader.

  • Big Sur looks like a translucent unicorn took a shit all over the desktop, horrible.
    There should be some settings to tone it down though.

    I miss the early days of OSX when you could just load a minimal theme over the UI and be done with it.

  • I miss the early days of OSX when you could just load a minimal theme over the UI and be done with it.

    Do you miss winamp as well?

  • But with Winamp you could at least go both ways. I knocked this up to keep everything tidy, bitd.

    Barely usable (required pixel-perfect clicking) even then, I hate to think how it'd fare on a hidpi display.

  • Christ, there’s no pleasing some people.
    Just load up a muted wallpaper and don’t open all the colourful things at once like they do in demos. Those videos are just trying to make something that is actually quite dull look appealing to casual users. Other than that, an operating system is basically invisible.

  • Who’d buy one now? Serious question.

  • Companies. People that need a computer “right now” etc. I imagine the updated Intel machines would be drop-in processor updates with minimal retooling required.

  • people who don't give a shit about specs and want a Mac

  • I bought a mac mini last year, I'm planning to use it for another 3-4-5 years so still happy. My gf bought an iMac a month ago, same thing there, it's a 5 year plan so I don't mind if there's arm macs coming soon.

    I also try and be about a year behind the macos curve for stability and I think that thinking is sound for hardware as well.

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Everything Apple (the Mac heads thread)

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