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  • Yes, this is what I want to do. But, has anybody here got experience of the usability.

  • This is what I'm trying to achieve. How is the usability, is it just plug and play, or do I have to fiddle with settings each time I connect and disconnect?

    Also, does it work as a true second screen? I'd need to be copy n' pasting between both screens regularly which is my biggest bug bear at the moment.

  • Works flawlessly.

    Connecting - connects immediately and remains connected even through log off and shutdown (ie closing the lid and opening the lid start and resume the ipad too). Hasn't ever dropped or stuttered on me. Of course you can just swipe sidecar away and go back to iPad OS if you want to use it then open up sidecar in the taskbar and it's back to running again.

    Usage - literally a second screen. Drag things, move things across, copy paste, typing & mouse. Doesn't act any different that just having a monitor there. It even remembers which windows i have organised there so when i unplug or disconnect it then reconnect it, it moves the three previous full screen windows i had back to that screen.

  • Do you wear binoculars instead of glasses?

  • Thank you for the info. Ordering now!

  • Ha.

    Wide-angle lens makes it look really far away.

  • Do I need any additional cables?

    Unfortunately, I'm going to have to wait for a keyboard til they release the new one in May.

  • 3D rendering is more likely to be gpu related no?

  • No. It’s wireless. Only cable I have is usb c to usb c to power it but it’s not required

  • If I was getting RAM, are there any benefits to getting 8GB sticks, 16GB sticks, 32GB sticks or 64GB sticks?

    I.e. is 96GB in 16GB sticks going to be faster than 96GB in 8/32GB sticks?

    Do larger cap sticks have faster speeds but overheat quicker/ see lifespan degradation faster etc?

  • Mac Pro?
    May want to google dual channel... I dont know enough about it but might be worth a read.

  • Nah, as long as you’re populating all the ram slots with matched pairs, you’re golden.

    Ram fails rarely and randomly, and the higher density sticks are likely fabbed using the same litho process as the smaller sizes.

  • https://www.iphonejd.com/iphone_jd/2017/­02/apples-lightning-dock-as-a-dock-for-y­our-airpods.html

    Anyone still do this? I love it and can’t find a reason to get a wireless charger. Although the Nomad does look tasty.

  • That’s such a clean setup. I need more screen real estate, but it looks great!

  • I would definitely like more screen real estate, and i have it in the form of a 32" 4k monitor along with a spicy gaming pc in our office upstairs but with the wife working from home and pregnant, she gets the nicer chair and bigger room.

    I'm in the craft / storage / box room with her repurposed dressing table and an old office chair my dad dug out of his garage.

    1st world problems etc.

  • Spicy!

  • Anyone good with Time Capsules? Just got a second hand one and it only shows up as a network drive rather than a Time Machine drive

    If I understand the manual correctly, there should be a time machine icon above the "select disk" button instead of the shared drive icon?

  • Just run a backup and the icon will change.

  • been comparing specs a lot recently. Any suggestions on whether I should look to upgrade soon (14" soon?) or wait till this thing dies on me which at this rate might be another 8 years?

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  • I would ask myself, what doesn’t the 2012 do that I need it to? Would a newer one do that?

  • Any bargains around on a 1tb ipad pro 11 .

  • Hello all - an Macbook related cry for help: downloaded Catalina but can't install it because apparently my Home folder isn't where it should be. It's not in my User directory, and I can't find the bastard.

    TDLR: Where the fuck is my Home folder bro? Bro?

  • Weird. Are the folders that normally live in Home there? If you open the desktop as a folder (or downloads, docs etc.) and then press CMD + ⬆️ it will move to the enclosing folder. Do this enough and you’ll get to the very top.

    Alternatively, hold CMD and click on the name of the folder at the top of the finder window and it should show the path in a little list.

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Everything Apple (the Mac heads thread)

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