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  • stupid question deleted

  • Isn't it two year because of the EU?

  • Yeah.. as far as I know

    there's a 24 month warranty (by law) situation which is quite complicated in real life scenarios (after 6 of the 24 months you, the owner, essentially have to proove to them (the seller) that the device was faulty when you got it).

    The manufacturer warranty is only 12 months, at least that's what they (Apple) say on their websites.

  • My wife just got a new iPad. When she set it up it has synced with her iPhone and now has all of her photos. She doesn't want them all stored on the iPad as they are obviously on the phone and cloud.
    Is there a way to have them not synced? No photos on the iPad without having to individual delete thousands of pics.

  • Go to settings, tap on the bit that shows your wife’s name, Apple ID, iCloud etc. Tap on iCloud then photos, and turn off iCloud photos.

    Think that should do it.

  • Also, they won't actually be on it, they will be small versions of the original photos.

  • Read between the lines. He's trying to politely ask how to remove their private photos from the family ipad.

    No need to point out the hole in the question and make things awkward.

  • Has anyone ever managed to write or get hold of a SuperDuper! script to copy one folder to a disk?

    I just want to backup my User folder onto an additional drive and it all seems very complicated. I don't know why they can't just add the ability to select a specific folder/s into the user interface...

  • Shouldn't need a script to copy a folder

    cp -R sourcedir destdir

  • Yeah copying a folder one off is easy but I want to smart update from the folder to the disk now that I've done the original copy.

  • You'll be telling him to add it as a cron job next. Madness!

  • Anyone know which charger i need for my laptops that i now cannot find 🙏

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  • @chrisbmx116
    I tried that but it just got rid of four hundred or so pics out of thousands.
    I'm thinking that as she has just set the thing up we should just start again but not have it linked to her other account when it prompts for it. Does that make sense? I guess there's a way to factory reset it.

  • That’s a 12 inch PowerBook G4. I think they all PB G4s used exactly the same plug, so anything from that era (or a modern third party one) will work.

  • cross posting my sale thread

    Edit - sold

  • Im losing my fucking mind.

    I cancelled my apple music 3 month trial (as it was coming to an end this weekend) and paid for iTunes Match (iCloud Music Match?) as I 99% of the time only streamed the stuff i'd syncd from my library anyway.

    Now whenever I try and stream half of my library on other desktops or mobile devices I get 'item cannot be played' - some songs work, some dont, not even distinct artists or albums, half an album works for some things.

    There is seemingly absolutely no concrete resolution to this, the internet hints in one place that you need to reupload library to iTunes Match as mp3/aac not ALAC - but doesnt make any sense to me, seeing as my entire library is ALAC and some does work

    There is absolutely no support or further help on this..

  • Apple basically broke everything else when they bolted on Apple Music to the existing services, and have no incentive to ever fix it. The only solution is a time machine AFAICT.

    If you have enough disk space on your devices, syncing your library over USB still worked last time I tried it.

  • Has anyone used the Apple battery service (erm) service? My MBP is ripping through it's battery in no time at all these days, and it's begun to be a pain, so keen to get it sorted out. The price actually looks pretty good direct from Apple, if what they mean by "service" is "replace with a new one".

  • Yes Apple replaces the battery. But they will want to do a system healthcheck beforehand. You will need to get an appointment — it's not a walk-in service.

  • iPad Pro 10.5” had a couple of cracks on the screen. After months like this it has suddenly got much worse.

    Is it worth paying apple’s extortionate price for a replacement or should I send it to iSmash? Or any other good options?

  • There’s a free app called Coconut Battery that’ll tell whether your battery is knackered or not.

  • What back up utility are people using?
    Just got time machine working, and it’s doing its thing, but I’m not sure it’s the best for me.
    Any recommended replacements/alternatives?

  • I'm just about to set up time machine + backblaze. I have heaps of hard drives in different states of backup but I struggle to keep up so gonna try and simplify as much as I can

  • Have been considering a Remarkable but thinking of going down the iPad route instead - it's for work so really just want the most fit for purpose product but don't want it to be out of date really soon. What do I go for? Or do I wait for a new release?

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Everything Apple (the Mac heads thread)

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