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  • I'd guess it's to fuck with Garmin et al in the activity tracker space

  • Asking for a friends dad who wants a new mac...

    What year of 2nd hand/refurbed laptop would people recommend?


    • ideally 15" but could use 13"
    • sufficient for email and web browsing

    She is trying to talk him down from a new top spec MBP.


  • My brother is still convinced I wasted my money on a 735XT and would be better off with an Apple Watch, so there’s clearly a market for it among the Apple crowd.

  • Prob pre 2016, when the keyboards were less problematic.
    For that use case any Mac post 2010. Or prob post 2005. With an SSD.


  • Cheers. That's helpful.


    My thought too, but apparently it's a no.

    God even 2nd hand it's not cheap. Sounds like it'll be a new Air... either way it seems so much to spend for someone who probably just needs a budget Chromebook. But definitely better than the £2k he's being upsold to :)

  • My thought too, but apparently it's a no.

    If it helps, it looks like you can now use a mouse with an iPad. It's making me consider selling my Windows 10 laptop since I could now use an iPad to Remote Desktop to my home and work machines.

    Hard to ask someone why it's a no without sounding combative, but what does he expect to do with it that he needs a proper Mac for?

    For 2k he could get a Macbook Air and an iPad and have some spare change still.

  • My thought too, but apparently it's a no.

    Can she get him along to a store to see how the iPad looks and works with a keyboard cover? It sounds like an ideal fit for the use case, and sometimes it just needs someone to see it looks like a laptop to get them off the idea of 'I don't want a tablet' - they're not stupidly cheap to purchase, but they really are a lovely size and should last for years without getting clogged up.

    Would suggest somewhere like John Lewis, where it doesn't feel too 'tech-y' - we just picked one up from there as they had an offer on the keyboard cover, got the 64GB iPad Air and cover for £550.

    If it really is a no, how about the MacBook Air? I'm still using my mid-2012 model for design work so even that would be over the top for email and browsing!

  • But avoid the 2011 15” MacBook Pro as they have the logicboard failure issue.

  • someone who probably just needs a budget Chromebook

    Chromebook tends to be the answer to so many of these questions in reality.

  • Laptops.

    Trying to do some emergency editing (video editing in Fusion/Resolve) on a 13" early 2015 - 2.7ghz i5, 8gb 1667 ddr3, intel iris graphics 6100 w. 1536mb. It's tear-inducing.

    I've previously spoken to the grand wizard of the lfgss mac cult @chrisbmx116 but want to clarify my thinking and some late-night rambling seems apt:

    At home I mainly use a late 2015 iMac but want to get rid of it. I'd been thinking of the new mac pros as a replacement but portability is more important to me than I realised. I want to be able to edit properly on a big screen, not squinting over messily consolidated projects and instead just take a portable SSD RAID and edit at home and on the road on the same computer. So I'm looking at a macbook pro.

    Resolve is a graphics hog and I'm happy to use an eGPU at home / office along with a pair of monitors and some I/O gear but when i'm on the road I'd want to make sure I could A - see what I'm doing and B - do it.

    How much of a difference will I see between the below WITHOUT an eGPU (i.e. editing at a service station without access to a monitor)

    imac late 2015:
    4ghz i7, 32GB 1867 ddr3 ram, 4GB Radeon r9 m395x, 1TB SSD.

    13" mbp early 2015:
    2.7ghz i5, 8GB 1667 ddr3, 1535MB intel iris graphics 6100, 256GB SSD

    13" mbp (early 2019?):
    2.7ghz i7, 16gb 2133 lpddr3, intel iris plus 655, 2TB SSD

    15" mbp (early 2019?)
    2.4ghz i9, 32gb 2400 ddr4, 4gb radeon vega 20, 2TB SSD.

    Presume the 15" will be considerably easier to see things on and that the vega 20 will blow anything else out of the water for internal mac graphics cards?

  • Told you, 16 inch in a month or two.


  • It's someone's dad. There will be no reasoning.

    He's old and resistant to change. He currently has an old mac on it's last legs, so he's familiar with the OS - processing wise there is nothing he needs, that probably couldn't just be done on a phone -it's just a screen size issue. Everyone but him agrees the sensible middle ground is probably an ipad

    @tonylast - that's a really good idea. I'll suggest it.

  • Just let him buy the 15" pro, where's the problem?

  • Some people just get a bit funny about their elderly loved ones being miss-sold products.

  • Bet those people are just jealous they can't afford it for themselves.

  • With that kind of attitude you never will be young man.
    Just pump those brakes and hold fast until they release the 16 with custom Apple GPU.

    Thats a rumour I am starting based on Linkedin chatter. Linkedin is legit right?

  • Custom apple gpu? Will it run PUBG?

  • My brother is still convinced I wasted my money on a 735XT and would be better off with an Apple Watch, so there’s clearly a market for it among the Apple crowd.

    DC Rainmaker has written about this - the Apple watches will tell you that they've acquired sensors (HR, GPS) instantly. The reality is that they have not. You run/cycle/pogo-stick off, believing that the watch is recording what you are doing, therefore.

    Now of course the watch will record what you are doing - but it'll miss the start of whatever your activity is, for a random period of time, and you can't avoid it doing this unless you wait for a period of time that you can't check, before you set off.

  • So they start their transition away from Intel to their own CPUs by first introducing their own graphics hardware that can handle some of their existing libraries (metal, marzipan, ?)... makes sense.

    It’s funny they’re basically going back to PowerPC in a roundabout way.

    Reckon an Axx powered 16” laptop with oled screen could probably get a week of battery life for most people.

    Not sure what that means for virtualising other OS’ oh and Adobe will take years to adapt.
    Lots of things are going to be fucky.

  • the move away from powerpc annoyed me no end..
    Feels like another way to make hardware obsolete, thus ensuring you have to upgrade and buy new hardware..

  • Wasn't the power pc support quite extended? That move made a lot of sense to me, my last macbook pro G4 was barely usable compared to a same era pc. Similarly now, intel is holding apple back, why should they stick to them?

  • my memory of the transition is different. Felt like I happened overnight.
    Facts could prove my memory wrong.

  • I think my memories is heavily influenced by buying a broken laptop held together by glue. Cunning seller that was. When I finally could afford something decent the difference was night and day.

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Everything Apple (the Mac heads thread)

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