Everything Apple (the Mac heads thread)

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  • Either boot from an external drive and access the internal hdd that way, or just take your time, if the internall hdd is full there's no other easy fix than deleting some stuff. Unless you want to ditch all your data and install a new internal drive that is...

  • will look into that kboy, any recommendation for a hardrive?

    Basically has a 1TB drive currently, and i just store loads of photos on light room.. any recommendation on how to manage photos etc?

  • any recommendation on how to manage photos etc?

    delete the shit ones

  • If it's 4 years old with a 1TB disk I'd guess it's not an SSD

    Single biggest improvement to performance would be get an SSD.

    Take the old disk out, use it an external drive. Buy a new SSD and install MacOS fresh onto it.

  • lightroom keeps secret duplicates of each photo so they take up way more room. I'd only keep copies in lightroom of ones you are actually going to edit. There's a program called OmniDiskSweeper which is free and good to showing you how big each file and folder actually is.

  • on that note there's also an app called daisy disk which shows you in visual form the amount of space files/folders are taking up on your hard drive, so you could can quickly find what's taking up the most space and delete.

  • perfect. install more apps!

  • @seafish have you tried first booting up in safe mode and then deleting files from the hard drive? A friend had a similar issue and this worked for her.

    If that works, upgrading to an SSD after would make the world of difference.

  • This is a good suggestion. If it doesn't work and deleting files really is impossible, the only other option would be to connect your current hard drive to another mac then copy the contents across to a bigger drive using something like SuperDuper. But this would require another Mac and a bigger drive, and possibly removing your hard drive from your Mac.

  • Is there no modern equivalent to connecting with firewire and holding down T ?

  • Classic move. Fond memories of ooh-ing over firewire transfer speeds whilst watching the firewire logo

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Everything Apple (the Mac heads thread)

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