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  • Ext hard drive - has only been used for time machine - not been moved, knocked, etc
    some of the photos are there (ie - post 2012) the ones before that show the folders, but no photos
    same sitch on bot icloud and the imac (although the imac does not seem to have any recent photos)

    i'll try the recover thing then try your terminal window stuff.

    i little bit of poo might try to come out, as i have zero skillz

    thanks again.

  • some of the photos are there

    So you can see the external drive in finder?

  • I thought you were Gen X not a boomer.

  • ooft - fuck you, dude. that hurts.

  • no - you have to do into the disk utility

  • Selling a few iPhones, DM for more photos. Payment through F&F or add fees. Royal mail special delivery by 1PM included in price. No chargers included with these phones or other accessories unless stated.
    Locked phones can be unlocked for an extra small fee.

    SE/ Rose Gold/ 16GB/ Unlocked/ Grade C
    Battery health 91%

    £65 posted

    7/ Rose Gold/ 32GB/ Unlocked/ Grade A
    Battery health 94% + Box + Earphones

    £230 posted

    7/ Matt Black/ 32GB/ EE/ Grade B
    Battery health 85% + Box

    £200 posted

    7/ Matt Black/ 32GB/ Unlocked/ Grade A
    Battery health 88% + Box

    £225 posted

    7/ Matt Black/ 32GB/ Unlocked/ Grade A
    Battery health 100%

    £230 posted

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  • can anyone recommend a wireless keyboard/trackpad combo that will work with a mac mini?

  • apples? or do you want them in one piece? I think separated would be better ergonomics though

  • .

  • One piece for easy use when it's connected to the TV.

  • I’ve got a Logitech k400. I’m pretty sure it works with a mac for standard functions. Some of the extra options that need the Logitech software might not work.

  • Any opinions on US vs UK keyboard layouts? Final hurdle of new-Mac purchasing decision.

  • I use a K400 on Ubuntu and Windows (no Logitech software installed) and it's fine. Imagine it should be on Mac too.

    It's a good keyboard for a media PC, I wouldn't use it for something more keyboard intensive.

  • Any opinions on US vs UK keyboard layouts?

    I think they're identical, just the US has the Escape top left corner, UK version has Brexit.

  • I'll get my coat.

  • UK keyboards are better as they have one more key.

    But seriously I don't understand why you're asking this - shouldn't you just buy what you're used to? If you're British, live in Britain and have no plans to move to the US why would you buy a US version?

  • So I moved my iPhone back ups off my hard drive and onto another drive i have in my computer but now I cant get them to back up to it. I followed the instructions online and can see the link it has in the original location the back ups were in.

    Anyone got ideas where i have potentially went wrong?

  • Jeez, tough crowd.
    Just asking if any Brits use the US keyboard and find any benefits from it. I'm living in Australia atm where US keyboards are the standard, and easier to come by, but I've always used a UK keyboard other than at work here. I like the larger return key on the UK keyboard, but prefer the less wasteful up/down/left/right area on the US ones. But, my apologies for adding needless padding to your day.

  • You sound tense.
    Here's a picture of a kitten to help you relax -

  • Thanks all. Can someone with a K400 try theirs with a Mac for me?

  • Jeez, tough crowd.

    Sorry, that wasn't meant to sound grumpy.

    With the additional info the question makes sense - it still sounds like you want a UK one though really?

  • Valid question. Since living in the UK I prefer a UK keyboard to a Swedish one. Luckily the physical layout is the same, so I'm buying Swedish keyboards but use them as English ones.

    I've tried selling a MacBook here with a UK keyboard and it was a pita, everyone assumed it was nicked!

  • Anyone interested in buying my LG UltraFine 5k? Thinking around £650?

  • hey Chris. Maybe... remind me why you're selling it?

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Everything Apple (the Mac heads thread)

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