Everything Apple (the Mac heads thread)

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  • Yep, I ran through their replacement guide - that’s why I have the two questions!

  • I don't know about the issues with temperature sensors but the MX500 is one of the fastest SSDs around at the moment for the money (the other being the Samsung 860 Evo which is more expensive). Both work with Macs.

    Your obvious problem is you're going to lose storage space unless you shell out for a 1Tb SSD.

    I'd normally say get a SSHD/hybrid drive but Firecudas are the only real option I know of at the moment and they don't have a good reputation for reliability...

  • Ive got a macmini 7 for sale i5 2.8GHz CPU and 8GB Ram and 1TB Fusion drive, never opened.
    i bought it for a media server project that i never got round to doing, still with the cellophane, i'm looking for £400 as i know the new ones are out now and they are shinier, lighter, sexier and all round better.

  • Thanks - I'm happy with spending £130 on the MX500 if it all works! Just a bit concerned with the temperature sensor problem. Looks like one of these things thats recognised ("If your fan stays on maximum then you may have an issue with your temperature sensor...") but has no clear resolution (numbers of comments reporting the issue, asking then what they should do, but no answer)

    Ah f*** it, I'll give it a go. The worst that can happen is that I have to revert back to the hdd, find someone competent and/or flog the ssd at a loss

  • I read the ifixit guide and I can see why you want to pay someone to do it - I would too.

    According to that guide you can put a second drive in, so if I was you I'd pay someone to install the MX500, leaving the 1Tb hard drive in there for storage.

    You'd then have the option of turning them into a fusion drive, but you have to wipe both drives to do that.

  • when you replace the hdd, you just clone it to the new drive, or an external which you then copy onto the new drive.
    You can use something like carbon cloner

  • I'd recommend Superduper! for this too. Super easy and good to have anyway for backups.

  • cool, thanks

    MX500 and associated bits ordered. If i dont report back its because I cant get online...

  • @ExTra warruntee isnt an issue. Its a second laptop now but is still good, if you have details of your freind that would be cool.

  • Easy to do and have the tools.

  • I have a pile of these which were due to go in the bin.

    You're welcome to one if you like?

  • Just had a look through the mac lineup as my MBP is getting old and it seems like a mac mini is the best value for money for me.

    I can't really decipher the processor specs (anyone got a link to a rundown?) but as I'm spending most of my time in front of a big screen I can run a mac mini for heavier work and keep the laptop for travels / meetings / sofa

  • Top recommendations for a local backup system for a small team in an office? Can you link multiple machines to one drive? Ideally like a local hard drive backup setup to supplement cloud storage.

  • When I researched NAS's a while ago the sensus was a Synology DS16. That was according to both wirecutter and recommendations from friends. You might need something a bit more powerful if there's a lot of file transfers / people accessing it, but I'd imagine a decent NAS would go a long way these days.

    If you're only using smaller files, perhaps dropbox will work? We used it in a company of 25 people and it didn't work that well, but if there's 5 of you I can see it working well

  • Thanks for the recommendation.

    We're currently using google drive to store and access things across teams so something to backup whatever is on the drive locally seems to me like a failsafe rather than relying on another cloud service. Or would you disagree?

  • My thinking as well. I've got everything on dropbox but want a backup I'm in control over as well

  • I’ve just discovered two of these on my desk. If you haven’t already got one, one of them is yours..

  • I was using Dropbox but switched to iCloud due to its smart storage management. Can’t recommend it enough.

  • Should probably have a local if you want to be absolutely certain, but for cloud backup backblaze have a good rep

  • Isn't it a bit scary with the smooth but non-transparent UI? I always feel slightly uneasy with apples services as it's so automated and requires trust. With dropbox I can see my files so I know they're there.

  • It’s just the same as having the files in any other folder except it’s an alias?

  • Any interest in a fantastic condition mid-2012 15" Retina MacBook pro?
    2.6GHz i7/ 16GB ram / 512GB SSD / GeForce 650M 1GB / Integrated Intel 4000 1536MB

    Battery is on a hilariously low 243 cycles. It's been used in Clamshell plugged into a TB display basically all its life until Mojave stopped them playing happily together. No idea where the box is, but I've got the original charger (again infrequently used, grubby but works perfectly). The last few have sold on eBay for ~£700, open to any sensible offers below that really.

    Also, possibly an only slightly-creaky mid-2011 Mac Mini (former media centre, now replaced by an apple TV) and genuinely perfect condition Thunderbolt display (not been moved since I got it out of the box) on offer (which I do still have the box for!), plus wireless keyboard/trackpad.
    2.3Ghz i5 / 8GB Ram / 500GB spinning disk. Freshly wiped and with High Sierra installed it's running like a dream.
    I'll look at prices if any interest but off the top of my head, £500 the lot?

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  • £700, open to any sensible offers below that really.

    50 p

    Oh, you had to mention sensible …

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Everything Apple (the Mac heads thread)

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