Everything Apple (the Mac heads thread)

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  • Haven’t tried it yet but been reading very good things about this https://better.fyi/

  • Picked up the Xs Max today.

    It's quite... Large.

  • You need a pair of mid-90's silly baggy jeans with pockets big enough

  • It's actually not that bad. Uniqlo jeans have plenty of room for it. Not like I'm wearing ultra skinny ones or anything...

  • I just got a pair of trousers from Hebtreco. They're great apart from the pocket struggling with my 6s, or perhaps the pocket is constructed differently compared to my albams, but it's not looking good for a xs or xr, whichever one I'll get

  • cue crying woman gif

  • mid-90's silly baggy jeans

    Haha I guess now you said it some clever trendsetter will pick up the idea and we'll have those beautiful garments again in 2019

  • Time for the iManbag

  • Anyone on Mojave yet? Still holding out installing it on the work computer...

    Adobe stuff still working normally (lol)?

  • I installed it on my 12" Macbook this week.

    Just spent a couple of days using it whilst traveling with work and it's great so far.
    It's notable quicker at logging in, starting and closing things etc and the dark mode is great.

    I don't actually produce anything of value so only use email, skype, microsoft teams and calendar. Can't speak to anything else.

  • No problems met with after a day or so of adobe fiddling. Not like the upgrade way back that meant Indesign/Illustrator would cause the system to shit itself once the GPU got involved in any heavy lifting. *sigh*

  • Yeah all fine here... haven't noticed a thing...

  • That actually an app I'm considering to spend money on, thanks!

    I'm really liking the dynamic wallpaper btw. It's awesome. The dark mode not so much

  • Any devs here? Aparently Mojave fucks iTerm2, I don't want to upgrade in case I have to use the stock terminal.

  • yep well I just stumped up the whole 99p and it seems to do very nicely where I've used it so far. It doesn't block ads in Youtube videos, which is a bit annoying, but seems to be something that the app developers are aware of at least. their forum is https://forum.ind.ie
    I've been aware of Aral from other privacy related things, and think they are an outfit well worth supporting.

  • Cheers for that, just got it too, browsing seems faster..

  • Any devs here? Aparently Mojave fucks iTerm2, I don't want to upgrade in case I have to use the stock terminal.

    no issues here but I can't say I'm exercising iTerm hard and I don't have a touchbar macbook pro. Latest version of iTerm is claimed to be Mojave compatible tho - see the readme.

    Edit: Postman doesn't work with Mojave yet, in case you're using that too.

  • Only issue I’ve found with Mojave is it breaks Zoom.

    On calls if I maximise the video, I lose the tool bar, so can’t mute, share or leave meeting without messing about with the top menu. Keyboard shortcuts still work though.

    Wanted to like dark mode, but think it’s just ugly. Even more so when half my apps don’t support it.

  • Hmm, I use Zoom heavily all day - and the other party has the option to maximise the window without you agreeing to it. It'd be (erm) inconvenient if I could not mute whilst in a call.

  • you can just click on your name / avatar at the top of the window and hit mute or whatever. I've got a pro account tho so this may not be true for the free version

  • Ooh I switched to dark and found it to be unlikable too but failed to switch it back, after revisiting a couple of times I completely love it.

  • I'm going to give it another go.

    Main gripes for me, other than clashing with light apps, are the dark dock and the super contrast white text. Creative Cloud's more subdued text is a lot easier on the eye.

  • Who was selling a small Apple Watch here a few pages back? (Will self search actually...)

  • Got it.
    Still going?

  • Sold i'm afraid....

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Everything Apple (the Mac heads thread)

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