Everything Apple (the Mac heads thread)

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  • Can you play music from it?

  • Beware the postal service!

  • Been there, done that :)

  • Morning/ Goodnight

    Anyone have a good recommendation for a dual clock for Mac. Doing some work in the US.

    Thank-you please.

  • iPhone 7 had developed a weird behaviour where if i’m Listening to
    music or podcasts and then lock the screen, any touch of the blank
    screen (like putting the phone in a pocket) sends it into a random
    cacophony of playing at double speed, playing snippets while scrolling
    backwards, going back to the start then relentlessly looping the first
    second of the track. Pressing the home button then launches Siri while
    the madness continues until the headphones are disconnected.

    Reader, it was this bastard thing.

  • this is part of dashboard, isn't it?

  • @Tenderloin

    Sorry for the short reply yesterday, was rushing between meetings.

    It's a 38mm series 2 Nike edition in space grey. Boxed with all accessories and with another strap.

    After £160

  • if my mac (old old old 2009 macbook) is taking ages to switch between windows and open apps is this RAM related?
    I can't afford a new mac but would putting more RAM in it help? It currently has the max 4gb in, but i read somewhere (maybe here) that the limits publicised by Apple could be taken with a pinch of salt...

  • Enter your serial nr here: https://everymac.com/ultimate-mac-lookup­/ and it should tell you max ram. If not post your model here and someone will tell you.

    More ram is always good, so is a SSD drive

  • lovely, thanks.
    I'm already SSD'd but that link seems to suggest at least 8gb will go in.

  • Anybody wants a 2017 iPad 32GB? Just bought myself a new one and so the old but not so old one will be up for grab in a couple of weeks when I am back in London.

  • Going from 4 to 8gb will make a huge difference, well worth it

    Could be worth checking ebay for 2nd hand ram sticks, if not Crucial is a good bet

  • Can I get any 4gb sticks that fit laptops (i.e. any SODIMM with the right number of pins) or are all the other numbers super important...

    Can I just grab something like this: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1GB-2GB-4GB-8­GB-10GB-LAPTOP-Ram-Memory-DDR2-PC2-6400S­-800MHz-SODIMM-200-pin/263840848001?hash­=item3d6e23d881:m:mIB7n5WsMLVAJEj7mJiSNa­w

  • question; is it a bad decision to buy this?

    I need a capable machine and the latest one in same spec costs £1k more than that. Is it just worth spending that and get the latest keyboard and true tone display? I'll be insuring it privately (i.e no Apple Care) either way.

  • No idea, I've always bought ram through crucial as their walk-through thing is thorough. Perhaps do the walk-through thing on crucial, note all the numbers down and get the same thing off ebay?

  • Going from 4 to 8gb will make a huge difference

    not necessarily. If he's already got an SSD then OSX will create virtual memory (swap space) on the drive nearly as fast as using direct RAM, depending on what he's using it for

  • Ah, good point. Please ignore me upthread

    Going from 4 to 8 with a spinning disc will make a big difference though

  • nearly as fast as using direct RAM

  • Yes. Each gen has had a notably better CPU, the latest 13inch models geekbench higher than last years 15’s due to having quad core.

  • Anyone used one of these tiny usb drives as an extra hdd? I'm working through a giant retouching job and keep running out of disk space. Dropbox smart synch solves some of it, but I need moar!

    I'm not gonna use it for anything crucial, it'll be more of a hot swap drive where I store stuff before I file it on external hdd's

  • ^ did some googling and apparently it overheats if you transfer too much. Not gonna leave that in then.

  • Do we get new iPhones this year?

  • 2 weeks time we will know... (yes, 3).

  • iPhone X upgrade, iPhone X Plus launch and "cheap" full screen iPhone coming mid September...

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Everything Apple (the Mac heads thread)

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