Everything Apple (the Mac heads thread)

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  • Yes, I had the same thing done in October for my laptop from these guys-
    Creative IT (UK) Ltd
    80 Willow Walk, The Willows, Unit 1, London SE1 5SY
    P: 020 7394 2525

  • Thanks, I'll give them a call

  • I've recently got a 2013 iMac using Sierra, on my old iMac you could press the button at the back and it would go to sleep.

    this new one doesn't do this, apart from a couple of times when it did but decided never to do it since.

    is there a setting or work around for this other than going to the menu?

    I also use a Wacom tablet with express keys, which would be cool to use instead to turn it off but can't see a way to do this either.

    anyone have any ideas?

  • I use the corner of my screen to do that, think they are called hot corners? So when I move the mouse to the top right hand corner it sleeps

  • oh yeah, of course, I have that set up but never thought of using that. nice one!

    edit: ok just tried but it just puts the screen display to sleep instead of the whole machine.

    any other ideas?

  • Bind something to cmd option eject?

  • So my brothers pc got hijacked by phone scammers and I've just spent a whole evening trying do a clean install of windows 10. Fuck me, windows is shit isn't it. I mean I knew it was bad and I had mentally prepared, but that bad? Really? Skype blue background with some random squares with tiny words on them. Since when is a flash website from '04 acceptable for an OS?

    And you lot complaining about macs being expensive, have you even seen the alternatives? Worth. Every. Penny.

  • Ha ha. I actually like windows 10. After building my own PC /hack. I realised just how impressive the internal design of Macs was, along with the obvious external.

  • Skype blue background with some random squares with tiny words on them. Since when is a flash website from '04 acceptable for an OS?

    lol, true..

  • Is anyone using icloud photo library to backup all their photos? Does it do videos too (short ones)? Are the images full res?

  • I've had iPhoto crash a few times, taking my library with it, so I'm backing up my icloud photos elsewhere instead

  • I do, I still retain hard copy on the computer, but accessible via phone.

    It crashes (iCloud webpage) on chromium which is annoying.

  • I'm using it and haven't had any problems. Does short videos and images are low-red until you click on the thumbnail and it downloads the big version.

    I don't know what the official line on its backup resilience is like, but I have most of my important photos on various backups elsewhere.

  • Ok thanks people. I wanted a quick and seamless way to backup my gfs images. I think I'll just keep doing it onto mac. And maybe look at iCloud as an extra.

  • My MBP has finally arrived... damaged! Think it's really time for me to seriously consider switching to non-Apple products.

  • Good luck with that

  • good luck with a replacement or good luck with switching?

    After an hour shouting at Apple on the phone, they have now sent out a replacement and I am 'allowed' to keep the current unit until the new one arrives... what other way did they think I was going to settle? Oh that's right, they actually told me to buy another one and return the current one at my convenience... that's OK, I happen to have £2.5k to spare...

  • What is the damage?

  • Can hardly blame them for a couriers actions? Then when I assume it was damaged.
    Saw the LG displays irl yesterday, they are actually beautiful, 100 times nicer than the 4K Dell I use at work. Prob going to buy one, a small MacBook and make an egpu for windows gaming.

  • Here? Mac2sell.co.uk or something would give you a value. Could be interested for the in laws...

  • Whats the market for a 2nd hand macbook air, 2011 model? Any advice on the best place to sell it?Its in great condition, had a new battery and new motherboard 12months ago. 'P' key doesn't work though.

  • Just read the above posts, and makes mine look like a stupid question immediately after. Advice on price though?

  • have a look at ebay sold prices for your spec, and deduct 14% to account for fees if you're looking for a cash sale.

    Seems to be in the £280-£380 range depending on condition.

  • @chrisbmx116, @drøn, the brown box and the actual white Apple retail box, as well as all the tray where the mac sits inside the box, are all fully intact so it wasn't the courier at all, although they tried to blame them.

    There is a sizeable dent below the USB-C port on the top left, where the charging port used to be. It doesn't affect anything other than it's an eye sore, but it is a £2.5k piece of kit...

    Just wanted to check with folks who have bought refurbished Macs, do they always come in a plain white box? Chances of Apple trying to pull a fast one are slim, but I need to know what to check when I do receive the replacement. I know refurbished MBPs 2016 are no out in circulation as yet, but there must been returned / unwanted / faulty and fixed units somewhere stored in their warehouses already...

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Everything Apple (the Mac heads thread)

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