Everything Apple (the Mac heads thread)

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  • Any suggestions on where I can source a used/refurbed iBook/MacBook?

    I'd rather buy from a reseller so I can get some kind of warranty.

  • john lewis

  • the applestore has refurb/warrenty returns on the website.

  • Try a north/west London cafe.. ;)

  • +1 for Apple store. Also if you check their site at about 10am every wednesday, that's when they put their latest refurb stuff online.

  • seriously man john lewis - i got mine from there (yes i'm from north west AND WHAT). Apple offer a free 1 year warranty, but john lewis offers a free 2 year warranty. And i'd rather deal with some saturday boy in John Lewis who i can convince to replace it should it go wrong, than with some regents street pink-vans wearing north west london living apple employee.

    also, make friends with some sucker who works there cos employees get 12.5% off electronic goods! thats wot i did.

  • refurb? oh shit didn't read that. Still mite b worth new if you can get a deal on!

  • get a student to give you his/her student card number and when you order your imac or whatever else on the* phone[b][/b]* just say that you're a mate and buying the computer in halves and you'll get a really good discount.
    i did that with my gf's card and got a couple of hunderds off the price of the website or the shop

  • i live with an apple store genius

    i get stuff cheap, its good

  • can you ask him/her why my imac keeps switching itslef on just like that?
    nothing linked to it and still happens...

  • ghosts


  • smeear(smeear) i live with an apple store genius

    i get stuff cheap, its good

    ahhh I wish I did.

    I love my iBook G4. 12" screen! Stupid macbook being 13" 16:9......grrrrr.

  • I lent mine out to someone and they seem to have been lost,
    I need to reinstall it on my laptop, any one have a spare set?
    Something to work on a g4 Power book 1.67ghz

  • Is it fixed yet? You gonna convert it? What ratio you runnin'? Nice wheels.

  • Hey stop posting pics of my bike! Its misleading. That disk doesnt fit in modern macs.

  • Thinking about upgrading my 12" iBook G4 to a shiny new Macbook or Macbook Pro. Anyone got either of those on here? Comments?

    I think the Pro will be total overkill for what I do. Thinking about it, the most complicated thing I do is deal with increasingly large Word and Excel files.

  • I have a macbook pro, but then I do loads power hungry stuff. If you're using mainly office apps, then get a macbook, the only major differene is the graphics card, and it's not noticeable unless you try and play games etc!

  • That's what I was thinking. I really do like the small size of the macbook, and I was thinking I could just hook up a larger monitor. My only doubt though is whether running a 20" widescreen monitor off the macbook will slow it down because it doesn't have a dedicated graphics card, even with 2gb ram?

  • i have a macbook, one of the first ones 2gb ram. it runs a 20 external monitor with no problems. i use mine for batch processing raw files and for shooting tethered with a digital back. it's as fast as my g5 with 4gb of ram. i couldn't see the point of getting a pro as i don't need the card slot. the g4's are ponderously slow compared to intels, you will not be disappointed.

  • Buy it now, only if you really need it - The mac books are approaching the end of a cycle. So a refresh is likely in Jan. If it were me I would wait. There is also a very high likelihood of an ultra-portable MacBook at Macworld San Francisco Jan 08.

  • i think the macbooks are better value than the MBP, personally. we have both around here, and i can't say i notice much difference in performance with the MBP, and the silver finish looks kind of cheap, IMO.

  • I have the BLACK macbook. And if you are as fashion-conscious and vain as me go for this one!

    Joking aside - the size is perfect, i can carry it around in my bag without feeling dragged down, and it does all I need it to do pretty well (I'm a graphic designer). Connected it to a 22' screen at my office and it's perfect.

  • i would go macbook, i've got one of the first gen white ones with a 1gb ram in it, i do a fair amount of video and photo editing and some parallels stuff and it runs fine.
    having been PC based for the last 20 years, I'm happy to have moved to the 'light side' besides I spend all day faffing around with PC's don't want to do it at home.
    I would have prob gone for a black one in retrospect but then i'm just a mucky pup.

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Everything Apple (the Mac heads thread)

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