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  • I quite like this one..

  • That airport is crazy to land at. A friend of mine who's a pilot said that a French airline was fined before because they fired up their engines too close to the road and damaged a load of cars.

  • Carol Smillie

  • Best thread. Is that shock wave?

  • What the hell was Dave Myers from the Hairy Bikers doing on set with Jack Nicholson??

  • That's Peter Jackson.

  • Best thread. Is that shock wave?


    USS Iowa fires a full broadside of nine 16 inch (406 mm) / 50 caliber cannons and six 5 inch (127 mm) / 38 caliber guns. This took place during a training exercise — observe the concussion shockwave on the surface of the water. That kind of air compression would be extremely hazardous to anyone on deck, not to mention the poor folks on the receiving end of those gigantic shells. Contrary to popular belief a battleship does not move noticeably sideways when a full broadside is fired, they’re simply too massive. For those who don’t believe me… read more about that HERE
    The Iowa-class battleship was created during WWII when the Navy ordered a fleet of six fast battleships to escort the fast carrier task forces that patrolled the Pacific Theatre. In the subsequent 60 years the class has evolved to include some of the most fearsome naval vessels of all time. They have now been eclipsed by aircraft carriers as the primary fighting ships of the US Naval Forces, in fact the Iowa class was the final designation of battleship to be built. Another picture below:

  • That would explain why there is no one on deck.

  • The aurora borealis as seen from the ISS

  • Some photos of the inside of the the Super-Kamiokande Neutrino detector in Japan. Click the last photo to enbiggen it

  • Good one spotter. that is immense.

  • w

  • Just been to a lecture with this guy.
    Really great.

    Toby Smith.

  • I spent 10 mins staring at that shot in National Geographic when visiting my dad last weekend.

    I guess I need to ask Toby Smith this but... how the hell is that lit? Is it moonlight?

  • And a long exposure to get the softness on the water?


  • The horizon isn't horizontal though.


  • Apparently it was windy and he was stood in the snow for a long time with his coat open to shield the camera. He does use phenomenal lighting techniques (sends his Dad out in the field with car batteries and lamps to wave around), but I'm not sure on this. Probably just the epic exposure.
    He's doing a Q&A in a month or so at Aubin & Wills.
    Top bloke.

  • what does he shoot on?

  • A pedalo?

    (coat's on, I'm leaving)

  • Large format, plate film, didn't find out what camera.

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Photo Of The Day

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