Owning your own home

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  • Yeah we ran out of oil here in Feb last year. After refilling it we tried bleeding the air out (as per instructions) but gave up and got the boiler guy in, who tbf did take an hour or so to get it sorted.

    I think we just needed to bleed it for a lot longer until all the air was out but the run of our pipes made it tricky.

  • The ones I've had here actively disliked anything smart.

  • Grand, will let the oil settle for 24hrs and give it a go. Thanks for advice.

  • google the bleed instructions for your specific boiler. I got a bloke to do it once, then realised I could do it myself with no issues. Literally just opened a screw until oil started coming out.

  • We rented a house where the previous tenant had let the oil run dry and then made a complete balls up of bleeding it. Result: within a few days of moving in, the smell of kerosene was quite strong, then it started seeping up through the parquet flooring in the sitting room, hall and dining room, all our clothes stank of it, landlord eventually got builders in to dig it out and bury the remains under epoxy and concrete. Didn’t sort it out. We moved out, and the house then stood empty for several months, possibly a couple of years. I wonder if the new tenants are happy. Apart from that, and the main road belting past 3 feet from the front windows, and the absence of neighbours, it was not a bad house. But glad we didn’t own it.

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  • Can vouch for these people. We got left high and dry with 36hrs to go by our previous choice of 'movers' (glorified men with ven), and these were great. Not the cheapest, but similar to @Mr_Smyth's experience, nothing was too much of a problem. They stepped in and save our asses from certain penalty fees.

  • That’s not in Bristol is it?

  • Nope, it’s Oxfordshire, one of the gatehouses to Shirburn Castle.

  • If its an Unvented HW tank which by the way it wrote it is, its not just as simple as recharging it you need to do it a certain way and they are dangerous so not something to fuck about with if you dont really know what your doing.

  • Yes you could get it but your paying 2 rates for that as its 2 visits. Sadly the answer is yes, I dont know the last time I cam home with clean hands.

  • Is recharging it the same as tapping it on the side? I'll be sure to avoid doing that again, if it's dangerous.

  • Im after any recommendations for one that does nice neat pipe installs and fits fancy rads without scratching the finish.
    SE area.

  • bsafeplumbing.co.uk

    Billy has looked after us for 7 years, boiler and full rad replacement in the house.
    I’m sure if you detailed what you wanted he’d do it.

  • Perfect, i like to see those super neat install pics as it shows they give a toss.
    will give them a ring tomorrow.

  • I want to get our stairs and upper landings sanded and a runner (which I supply) fitted.

    Is there any hope of getting one company/tradesman to do both, or am I doomed to finding a recommended sanding gal/guy and a recommended runner-fitting guy/gal?

  • i like to see those super neat install pics as it shows they give a toss.

    This is particularly good:

  • Unfortunately, the guy who installed the overflowing (but thankfully not dangerous, yet, accoridng to the few folks who have been round) unvented system had immaculate piping skillz. But couldn't get his own install not to drip out. So it may be one indicator, but not the only thing.

  • i like to see those super neat install pics as it shows they give a toss

    I've quickly learnt not to engage with tradesmen who don't have some active social media showing their installs.

  • That things enormous. Family of 24?

  • I don't know how to assess someone's work in a trade I have no experience of.
    What I can say is:
    He got my house warm. And he took it personally, like the house and it's crazy ex local authority pipework wasn't going to beat him. After installing our boiler he came back at least two more times over a week or so, the final time with his workmate and they sorted it.

  • "in the belief that mortgage rates would remain low"


  • "I feel it was quite irresponsible for the bank to lend us this much"


  • Lol, maybe they have been mis-sold and should get a refund.

  • "Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage."

  • I want to buy somewhere cheap by the sea on the granada coast. I saw this. A town I know a little in an area I know pretty well. It is, shall we say, sleepy and rough around the edges. However it is on four absolutely stunning rides, either into the hills or along the quiet coast road, and it’s as cheap as I could find, even then it would be too much for me to take on alone. Anyone with building skills wanna go twosies? It needs some work(!) Maybe the price is negotiable, currently it is 19,000€

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Owning your own home

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