Owning your own home

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  • Even if we’ve overpaid this year already?

  • You shouldn’t suffer any penalty charges as that would be from your outgoing lender and by the sound of it you have fulfilled the obligation.

  • Thanks. So in looking for new one just say we want to add more money?

    GF mum has sadly died so has a lump sum she needs to put somewhere and could pretty much clear out what we owe.

  • Yes - what you're doing when you remortgage is paying off the old lender completely and getting a new loan, usually from someone else.

    If you've got cash to put in, you use it then, together with the amount you borrow from the new lender to pay off the old entirely.

  • Update, still going with this. Now talking directly to Nationwide who are slightly less incompetent than L&C it seems….

  • Any recommendations for uPVC windows/double glazing repair in South London (SW2/SW9)? Got a gap between window and frame which I think means they might need new hinges

  • Replacing hinges yourself isn't too bad if you can get the help of an extra pair of hands to hold the sash in whilst you rescrew the new hinges. Worth a google/YouTube as hinges are maybe 8quid a pair.

  • That is so nice

  • thanks all! Really happy with it. Just need a decent extractor in the bathroom so it doesn't get messed up again

  • I'm in the middle of a big chain, (at least 6 properties, maybe more) - everyone is ready to exchange/complete except the people right at the top who have suddenly gone radio silence. Pressure has been ramping for about a week now, next plan is to try to persuade people second to top they need to move to temp accomodation or the whole fucking thing is going to fall apart soon I reckon. GRRRR FML, if Truss wants to improve productivity then sorting out the logistics of the housing market would save millions of man-years.

  • Very common for people to go on holiday in August and not tell anyone.

    Hopefully that’s all it is!

  • Could any north east londers recommend a Roofer and someone who could do the groundworks needed to add some new drainage please?

    Todays rain has highlighted some water issues for us!

  • If that's an outward opening window, with friction hinges and the gap is in one of the hinged corners, then definitely new hinge time. If the gap is on the side or the two corners with the locking mechanism, then the mechanism isn't pulling the sash tight against the frame... or the sash has been pushed across by the the action of the locking mechanism movement.

    If it's a tilt and turn, it probably needing some adjusting.

  • Gap is in the bottom right corner - sounds like it might be your last suggestion then as they're top hung. Any idea if fixable myself? Happy to sort myself if feasible

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  • Getting the house ready for a sale.
    Reclaimed gym flooring is being sanded!

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  • Ah my offer just went down by £10k

  • What sander did you use? We have parquet flooring underneath the carpet in our house that I want to rejuvenate at some point.

  • Beautiful wood - def preferred it when it had a story to tell though.

  • Nah, looks better after sanding

  • I am using a company to do it - I don't have the skills required for a perfect finish.

    Location New Cross SE14 - Surface to sand around 25sqm (it's closer to 30sqm but they can never be arsed to actually measure).
    We had 2x quotes, one for £900, one for £750 (both incl. VAT) for sanding + 2 coats of lacquer or oil.

    That's £36/sqm and £30/spm. Both businesses had nice photos on their socials so went for the one that's 20% cheaper.

    Also got a quote for the oak kitchen worktops - sanding + 2x coats of Osmos oil. £240 & £170 from the same companies.

  • The story it had to tell was that I wanted solid wooden floor but could not face paying £60/sqm+delivery+fitting so I went for reclaimed gym flooring (Junckers Beech Sylvasport Premium 22mm thick x 129mm wide x 3,500mm long) for £24/sqm delivered.

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  • whoa! where to??

  • Champagne j'espere

  • If it's a basic two mushroom espag lock, the way the handle moves will tend to push the sash across to the left.
    The packing of the glass should support it with two packers underneath and another above prevents the top rail sagging. The two vertical packers resist the locking force by transferring it up to the hinges.

    I add a bit of CT1 to hold my packers inplace.

    Glazing knife for removing the beading.
    Glazing shovel for levering the glass/frame.
    Packers. Mixed bag from screwfix.
    Nylon or rubber mallet. May not be required unless you don't have one available!

    There's lots of videos about replacing glass

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Owning your own home

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