Owning your own home

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  • Ok good to know.
    Mines buildings and contents with M&S up to 950 from 870 which felt like quite a jump. I had read that people were expecting 10% increase due to cost of building materials but need to have a search then

  • Yes, by about £100. But we had a leak at Christmas so just rolled over on the renewal without negotiating.

  • I wonder what had to be true for this to be the least awful thing to build.

    (pfft, upload not working) have a street view image


  • 10 residential units (according to the first planning doc I saw). As a way to increase density without impinging on neighbours too much I've seen worse.

    Just a shame about the Fort Knox-style gates and wall, lack of greenery and boomer-level parking provision.

  • The floor height not corresponding to style reminds me of the „new” Hotel Adlon in Berlin, where they kept the volume but crammed one more floor in.

  • It's proper pukes on cock territory sizing and landscaping wise, but then you have to wonder what the folks on that street do with these behemoth houses.

  • you have to wonder what the folks on that street do with these behemoth houses

    Given how many cars are parked in what used to be the front gardens I suspect relatively few are still single-family homes, unless you count multi-generational?

    Maybe there are one or two elderly couples still occupying 5,000 sqft while their kids count down the days until they can ship them into a home and call in the bulldozers?

  • Given how many cars are parked in what used to be the front gardens I suspect relatively few are still single-family homes

    Multiple buzzers on the small gate.

  • Is there a white goods discussion thread?
    I need a new washing machine and wondering what to go for. Ideally I'd like something that's repairable and low energy. Always just bought beko but wonder if it's worth spending more? I don't really see what buying a Miele gets?
    Maybe I should get a which subscription to see some reviews.

  • I have a which subscription (that i really should cancel now having finished-ish my flat) - want me to copy and post their top 10 or whatever?

  • That would be ace! Thanks

    Maybe DM me it?

  • Thanks will sod off there.

  • No problem, I'll send over shortly when I'm in the office at a comp.

  • Let us know how you get on. I also need to get a washing-drying machine, dishwasher and possibly an extra freezer now that we've completed. My priorities are low energy, longevity and having short/quick programme options (1 and 3 is usually exact opposites...)

  • The which best buy was this LG. I don't need all that but I'll just get an LG on the basis that if they maybe one good machine other should be good.
    LG FH4G1BCS2

    Maybe @owl will pm rest of list.

  • Thanks. UK version seem to be F4V1012WTSE from what I can gather. And the washer-dryer version looks to be FWV1128WTSA judging by the front panel.

  • Sorry I out the wrong number. I copied to one I was thinking to get. Put correct now.


    Plus offt. 600eur for it here!

  • FH4G1BCS2

    Lol all that research for nothing :P Looks good though! I'll check this one now.

    The other thread mentions renting washing machines btw.

  • Bear in mind that is pretty deep, it won't sit nicely under a normal worktop.

  • We have a utility room ;)


  • I need a new dishwasher. Integrated, as big as I can get and energy efficient.
    Haier seems best compromise so far on spec/price but no idea of wash quality.
    My other options appear to be Beko or Miele.

    Seems a crap shoot.

  • FWIW (not much I agree) we went Samsung in this situation on the logic that it was a recognised brand but not as expensive as AEG/Bosch/Miele. Seems to have been a good choice 18 months later.

  • Samsung

    It plays jazzy tunes too!

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Owning your own home

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