Owning your own home

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  • Yeah, Scotland. Glasgow in particular.

    We were aware that things in the desirable suburbs were going like this but thought that being a bit further out, in a small village with no high school, it wouldn’t be so bad but apparently not.

    It kinda seems like whatever you’re selling, the market dictates the value so with us bidding over the home report valuation and still missing by quite a bit then surely the home report is just wrong if you know what I mean.

  • On a different but related note, how the hell do you deal with being in a chain?!

    Our property isn’t on the market yet. We are quite picky about where we want to move to so haven’t listed as we don’t want to sell and then not be able to find what we are really after. That means though that any offer we make on a property we do find will have to be subject to sale of our flat which I’m thinking will make us less attractive as buyers.

  • I don't own any property in Scotland these days so was only going on what my brother has told me. I didn't realise it was going mental in Glasgow too.

    From what I've been told it can't keep going on like it currently is. I would imagine that isn't worth much when you're trying to buy a place and keep getting outbid.

  • You could always sell, take advantage of the crazy market, rent for a while and blow other folk out of the water with a stupid offer backed up by cash.

    This also means you don't have to deal with being part of a chain, unfortunately you'll probably still be waiting on chains that the seller will be in.

  • Put your place up for sale. Be really picky about who you sell it to. If the perfect buyer turns up but you haven't found a place you can let them know and string it out if they want to play. Nobody forces you to exchange - although an agent probably will try.

  • Unless this one of those BUT SCOTLAND things where the law does actually force you to go through with it.

  • Thanks, yet again, Bobbo. I feigned ignorance, and managed to get him to tell me what I'm looking for via email. (claiming that bonding cables are ready to be clamped. Aside from the fact that he left me without any bonding at all, he hasn't even run the wires to do so and the floor has been relaid as I was told all wiring was in place).

  • The basic answer is "fuck knows".

    Lots of people have been predicting that prices w fall at some point but they just seem to keep on going up. If things continue as they have done then it's likely that £125k will become the new normal. On the other hand, increasing interest rates may cause a drop in prices but no-one really knows.

  • Exactly, all the constant predicions of the great housing crash, yet we've had Financial Crisis-Brexit-Covid-Ukraine, 10 years of massive disruption and yet prices still rose...

    Pundits make money by crying wolf

  • Sellers wont take you seriously if you have to sell a place and it's not even on the market.

  • We got our place photographed and the listing ready to go live, only putting it on once we'd found a place we liked. It was chain-free, vacant and needed renovation though, so less competitive / eager to sell quickly I guess.

  • Don’t suppose anyone knows of the london based Polish couple who run a parquet flooring company importing reclaimed parquet from the homeland?
    I looked at them on instagram but stupidly didn’t follow them and now i’m crossing the google streams as 'Polish reclaimed parquet’ just gives me floor polishing.

    edit: found it, woodjoob.co.uk

  • They’ve definitely been mentioned on this or diy thread at some point. I know that’s isn’t a lot of help but searching the forum/threads might be easier to pin down.

  • Look for just_best_timber based in Poland when searching on eBay.


  • edit: found it, woodjoob.co.uk


  • Thanks for the tip.
    And they have an instagram account too.

  • They look good - although their website says all parquet needs to be sanded down to get a flat finish; doesn't that remove all the nice vintage patina?

  • I guess you have the choice of how much you take it back to new wood? though there are ‘tumbled’ planks available to save you waiting years to age it yourself.

  • Bit late to the party on this but I live in a small village with no high school 25mins on the train from Glasgow central - prices here, rentals especially have gone from "competitive" to fucking bonkers over the last couple of years (it is nice if you like the country vibe but with easy access to civilization, but still...), properties are going to closing within a week & it's entirely a seller's market.

    If I was intent on buying in a certain area, I'd probably sell up with the view to renting until I found the place, with the market so high & rural-ish places in demand there's always another buyer that's not tied to a chain not far away sadly, even if it means a couple of grand less, it's sometimes worth the peace of mind for folk. My mum's just sold her place (Glasgow south side) to buy a new flat near us - the initial buyer pulled out before the missives were signed, if she was buying from a private seller it might have screwed the whole thing up as it took another month before she got to the same stage again with the new buyer, and meant she took a good few grand less as she was worried she wouldn't be in a position to complete on the new place.

    TLDR house buying is a pain in the hole.

  • Their reasoning doesn't quite scan. In our end of Waltham Forest at least, it's not really the gentrifiers driving the Range Rovers. Qashqais, maybe.

  • Car free utopia is not going to happen with the working class.

  • I have a high level gentrifier friend in whipps cross who bought a Jeep as soon as he could find somewhere to park it. Only uses it for "camping" trips and driving to the continent so its okay apparently

  • We couldn't afford the village! And I doubt they'd be interested in my Civic anyway.

    In our end of Waltham Forest at least, it's not really the gentrifiers driving the Range Rovers.

    Same here, gentrifiers drive couple of years old Audi or BMW estates (as favoured on here I note) on our road. Only drug dealers drive Range Rovers around here.

  • There is also a lot of young guys driving sport cars with really noisy modified exhausts, can’t really believe it is legal but I guess it is really difficult to enforce. Can it be reported successfully?

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Owning your own home

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