Owning your own home

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  • Ouch! Interior/exterior or both?
    We just had someone called Dia paint our skirting boards, halfway up walls and a sash window.
    Impressed with his skills (does bit of plastering/masonry work too) and he's very tidy.
    I wouldn't say he's particularly cheap but he does have availability at the moment as he's just returned to UK.
    He doesn't have a lot of tools though so you'll have to provide a bit of equipment.
    Also he's based in Sydenham and doesn't have car so uses buses.
    Can send contact details and pix of his work if you want.

  • Exterior. The previous folks achieved what they said they would, it's a different colour and cracks were filled. They were just sloppy. If I wanted a shit job I could have done it myself. But they were cheap. It's just the front and there shouldn't be much prep work involved so happy to pay a premium for a good finish.

  • Delroy Durant did our place. Would recommend him. Lovely bloke. His details are on the trusted trader thread but will dig them out and add to here too

  • Some hardcore drinkers live in this place:


  • I looked at a stone place with no car access. You'd need an ebike to get up the hill. Appeals to me.

  • Whats all this about ?

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  • Does look like a house where someone from the Clockwork Orange crowd would live.

  • That's a tune but I've never seen a single bit of art with song lyrics that isn't try-hard, smug and cringeworthy.

    Especially if it's written on the wall.

  • We viewed a house that had Snow Patrol lyrics on the bedroom wall, unbelievable that anyone likes them that much.

  • I think I remember the pictures.

    "If I lay here... if I just lay here... would that be standard behaviour for a bedroom?"

  • The most love, laugh live house we saw was in Hastings, the entire garden was built over and included a bar, sauna, tanning room and all sorts.

  • Was it Gin o'Clock in the bar, or was it a Man Cave?

  • Got a link? I bet I can guess roughly where it is.

  • Tbf that sounds like a good laugh living there.

  • Survey came back with 6 urgent and 11 mild issues, urgent ones mainly around services (electricals being weird/outdated, boiler EOL and flue vicinity issue, various water heating concerns) and high-medium flood risk (being in Somerset). Mild issues include roof insulation (laid over electrical cabling), joinery and possibility of asbestos (1997 build by Bryant Homes...)

    Not sure what to make of the report, I'm sure there are worse reports out there which turned out fine, but I don't want to wholly ignore also.

  • Electric being outdated and heating issues is what we managed to lower the seller asking price when we got the flat, cause they’re not cheap.

  • Insulation over cables I believe is fine if they are appropriately rated (under-rated cable gets warm)

  • i wouldn’t automatically expect money off for things like a boiler or consumer unit. rotten purlins? bay window coming away from the wall? underpinning? well thats a different storey.

    personally as a seller i wouldn’t entertain somebody asking for money off on something that is obvious to a buyer and not ££££’s to fix, and would tell them to jog on especially if there was lots of interest in the property.

  • Electrics and boiler being old is only sort of a problem, they can work in that state for years. Flood risk is more of a problem IMHO, you can't really fix that.

  • This ^ and this ^^

  • Seems to have been covered but nothing last forever and stuff needs upgraded although someone folk will use any excuse to try and get money off.
    Even the asbestos is a nothing imo and as said the risk to flooding is a big risk

  • high-medium flood risk

    My place came back as high risk of flooding from surface water. Bit strange as it's never flooded (both neighbours have been there forty years plus).

    I checked for buildings insurance and there was no issue insuring it which is an important thing.

  • Same. We are bottom of a hill so in theory if enough water came down the perpendicular roads you could see it getting a bit exciting but it would need to be biblical amounts.

  • Survey came back with 6 urgent and 11 mild issues, urgent ones mainly around services (electricals being weird/outdated, boiler EOL and flue vicinity issue, various water heating concerns) and high-medium flood risk (being in Somerset).

    Ignore the baller sellers. This is a menu of risk and hurt for buyers like you. Asbestos, old electrics, heating and high risk of flooding! WTF. A big reduction in price is the minimum. Challenge and get a better price.

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Owning your own home

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