Owning your own home

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  • Saw this and thought it was relevant

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  • Detached but almost semi detached

  • The plan is the mirror image of the render

  • All new builds are viewed from below. New regs.

  • You're looking at it in sefie mode

  • Did they get a job lot of mismatching windows?

  • have done a thread search and found some recommendations for East based removal firms but after some recommendations for SE or N
    need to go from N4 to SE19 and want a packing service.

  • I used stork removals from N8 https://www.storkremovals.co.uk/

    Was very happy with them. They did the packing too, I barely did anything.

  • @amey @aggi Thanks, they look good, have emailed for quotes.

  • Pretty sure there’s a £180k shortfall in funds held by our solicitor that no one (apart from me over the weekend) has noticed.

    We’re completing and moving today, I’ll let y’all know how it goes by this afternoon 🤪

  • You absolutely have to elaborate on this!


  • That sounds... concerning

  • I think our solicitor assumed our mortgage was a new one and that we owned our flat outright. Actually we’re porting the mortgage and need more cash to buy this house. We have the cash, but no one has asked us for it 🤷🏻♂️

    Don’t really want to transfer it to what I think is the right account without a bit of hand holding.

  • I mean, the title of this place has the mortgage charge against it so it should be obvious. Thing is with this silly money big transaction shit I might just be losing my mind and it’s all fine.

  • Assuming the solicitor knows what they are doing is a dangerous game!

  • Just got through to him - they forgot to send out a final statement and request for funds. Didn't seem overly concerned though, I guess we have until 1pm LOL

    Shit him up a bit when he thought we literally didn't have the £180k

    Thank Tech for bank apps and instant transfers.

  • Will I owe princeperch 5k if we don't complete by 4pm?

  • Hah, did you at least try and have him on a little bit? I would pay to be a fly on that wall.

  • Depends what the contract says duh.

    Also and I'm not teaching u to suck eggs but don't transfer 180k in one go. Do a quid first.

  • Thank Tech for bank apps and instant transfers

    Woah, which apps can do an instant £180k transfer? Is that a CHAPS payment?
    Barclays made me go into the branch last time - even when they were mostly closed due to COVID!

  • 25k at a time, max 100k in 24hrs. Luckily it’s coming from two accounts.

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Owning your own home

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