Owning your own home

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  • I understood and enjoyed this reference

  • Depends what you mean by fend off, I guess.

    I don't leave my kids in the garden unattended because of them. Although, my 3yo will probably be fine now.

    When they're sauntering through the garden looking for somewhere to shit (or something to shit on) I clap/shout them away.

    Idk about other people's foxes, but ours aren't nocturnal.

  • Guys, I have an unbelievably embarrassing question which no amount of googling can help.

    I moved into a place about 6 weeks ago, it has a pretty new Worcester boiler and thermostat. All seems in good working order, the hot water and radiators all work.

    However the thermostat doesn’t actually do anything. At my old place I’d just leave the radiators open, have the temperature set on the thermostat, and the radiators would heat/you’d hear the boiler flicking on and off to keep it at that temperature. But here the temperature I set on the thermostat doesn’t affect the radiators in any way - it doesn’t matter whether I have the thermostat off or set to 25°, or doesn’t control the radiator output in any way.

    The only thing which affects it is controlling the individual radiators. So I have the radiators on now and it’s fine, but when I go out/go to bed I turn them off, but then obviously it’s freezing later and when I come home/get up in the morning I have to run around and turn them all on again.

    I’ve read the boiler/thermostat instructions and they’re all very standard, it just doesn’t correlate to what I’m actually finding. Does anyone have any ideas or references I can check? I don’t need to do anything complicated, just want to be able to set the thermostat to keep the main rooms at a nice temp throughout.

  • Is the thermostat one of the old dial types? Can you hear it click as you adjust it?

    Post photos of the controller and the thermostat

  • So quite a few fence panels in my garden blew over and appear to be fucked now.

    If the bloke buying my house hadn't been such a cunt I would have probably have swallowed the cost of replacing them before we move in 3 weeks.

    As it is he is getting a few bits of structural timber smashed into the soil now bolted to the said fucked up fence.

    Act like a cunt get a cunty old fence I guess ?

  • Guess you won’t be leaving the light bulbs & fittings either…

  • So you have thermostatic radiator valves and a thermostat?

    It seems possible that your radiator valves are shutting off before you reach the cut off temperature at the room thermostat.

    Normally you use TRV's to limit heat in rooms you don't need heated to the main level of the living areas.

    If your thermostat is a new type it will have some sort of icon (like a flame) that tells you when it's 'calling for heat'. If that icon is on and the boiler is not firing up then the connection between the 2 might need resetting.

    The fact that you can get heat out of the rads and adjust the trv's suggests the thermostat is calling for heat properly otherwise you wouldn't have heat at all.

  • & @Airhead thank you both, appreciate that my woeful explanation/knowledge on this probably makes it hard to help.

    I’ve added photos of the controller and of the boiler itself. For the sake of this photo I’ve switched the heating on the controller to “on” but I’ve had it off for the last week because it makes no difference. When on it doesn’t actually control the radiator output to get the current temperature to the target temperature.

    On the boiler, the radiator symbol is currently blinking every couple of seconds which indicates that it’s active and working as expected (according to the manual) which does make sense. That works as expected in line with whether the radiators are on or off, but doesn’t correlate with the thermostat settings. That’s the bit at the end of Airhead’s post which is throwing me off completely - surely if I have the heating turned off at the thermostat the radiators shouldn’t do anything regardless of whether they’re individually open or not?

    The set up in the old place was about 20 years old and far easier!

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  • It sounds like the boiler is being told, or set to continually heat. This is not the default setting.

    Two possibilities

    • the boiler is set, somehow, to continually run the heating circuit, or
    • The thermostat/controller is set to permanently call for heat and bypass the thermostat. This is weird behaviour because the ‘cont’ setting usually heats continually but is ruled by the thermostat.

    If you are feeling brave resetting both to factory settings then let them re-pair again might sort things out.

    But its possible that the current behaviour is the result of some bodge repair that someone did at some point.

  • i know nothing about these but there is no wireless symbol on the thermostat bit there is on the boiler, i can see there are a row of symbols not illuminated so im guessing they are not paired and communicating

  • Video here explaining how the thermostat works.


    You can see the flame on the screen showing 'call for heat'

    If you turn yours up to 28 degrees does this flame symbol appear?

  • Also try and find the receiver end that's attached to the boiler and check the lights on the front or reset it.

    Manual here :-


  • Thanks all, much appreciated. I’m out for the day now but a few different things for me to look into there, cheers!

  • got some racist shutters incoming

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  • You have it set to "on". You want it set to "auto" I think, assuming I can remember how it worked in our old house. On is on all the time, auto will follow the schedule and listen to the temp setting you have programmed.

  • We had two new radiators fitted today.

    The work included this, which I really like the look of.

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  • I enjoyed seeing exposed piping like that, wanted to show the piping of the boiler but partner rather it’s hidden by a panel.

  • Reposting the below in the hope that someone can advise both myself and others in a similar situation...

    Does anyone have any experience using Wykamol / Sika / Synthaprufe tanking slurry and waterproof membrane products to reduce damp ingress?

    I've got a garage that has brick walls and a concrete floor. Two of the walls have surrounding earth/soil above the damp-proof course.
    Removing the soil from the exterior surrounds of the garage isn't going to be possible, so I am hoping to use something to reduce/prevent the damp in the garage.

  • Very satisfying I agree.

  • We have used wykamol warmsel(i think thats what it was called -the one with glass beads in it) to great sucess at work

  • Foxes can be dicks

    Our old dog (Japanese akita) would get chased by them. Our new dog (ancient, literally 15 and fully grey) a Patterdale terrier crossed with something fast, absolutely loves foxes, chases them any time she can. Once was gone for nearly 2 hours in middle of night. Gave her up for lost. Turned back up looking very happy with herself, according to the neighbourhood next day, she had been pretty much everywhere chasing them out of folks gardens. Can lend this dog to you if you want?

    Also trampolines are a menace, two weeks back a neighbours flipped over the road, dented roof of a car before damaging stone mullions on a house, not sure on actual cost to repair, but it's gonna be 5 figures! Then during this storm the same trampoline from the same guarded still unsecured flew the other way and hit a pedestrian quite badly.

  • Between the local foxes and cats, our main garden produce is turds.

  • Thanks, I'm leaning towards using Wykamol products. I'll e-mail them and see what they recommend.

    On another note, we have a neighbour's tree leaning precariously over/towards the house....

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  • TV arial also looks drunk

  • Hi,
    Has anyone had any experience selling their house through an online only estate agent (yoga, strike, doorsteps, etc)?
    We’re looking to sell soon and looking at this route.

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Owning your own home

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