Owning your own home

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  • while flashing a very fake Rolex Sub.

  • while flashing a very fake Rolex Sub

    and scuffed winklepickers

  • Do those Zoopla figures actually mean anything?

    Dunno, the price was the same as what was last listed when it was sold (£350,000), but we end up paying more to try and get that place.

  • Was it as shiny as his suit?

  • Getting there, vs. old

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  • Nice, is that Cobham blue or similar?

  • Traffic noise in London?!?

  • scuffed winklepickers

    sounds like a esate agent parody account on IG

  • We had a Foxtons guy over to talk about selling our flat and he was reassuring us how easy it would be to sell for well above what we are hoping for, while flashing a very shiny Rolex Sub.

    I thought this was a really interesting article on the whole "premium estate agent" business model.

    “It’s why Foxtons is called Foxtons,” said Nigel Lewis. “It’s just a name they picked because it sounds posh.” This is Britain as brand: a commodification of a fractional way of life that required a townhouse, acreage, staff – and died between the wars. Extremely rich people from other places adore it and want to recreate it, and the prime estate agents know how to sell it

    The agent isn't wearing the Rolex for you, he's wearing it to reassure buyers that he's "PLU", and that by extension they are buying into the lifestyle they want.

  • Looks great Ed - congrats

  • @mustardbeak id say 2k for what you got was alright.

    I'm moving 0.9 of 1 Mile up the road and packing myself. I'm kinda hoping to get change out of a grand but perhaps I'm being too parsimonious...

  • No ideas, its a blue from Wren.

  • I think we got a cheap towel rail from there which we had to replace because it was rusting around one of the tails. No idea whether it was installation error or a dodgy rad but it was cheap and lasted a few years.
    Replaced with a stelrad which I've also found some damage on in a similar place so whether that was the plumber or supplier I don't know. Feel like I'm cursed when it comes to towel rails.

    I guess my advice is inspect on delivery!

  • Just moved into our first house and debating about heating our kitchen. It's an old 50s build with sold block walls, was refurbished about 5 years ago with a new kitchen & flooring. Debating either an infrared panel heater or a kickboard mounted plinth heater

    Anyone had experience of either?

  • I enjoyed reading that, thank you.

  • My folks had a plinth heater in their old kitchen and it was a bit of a nightmare. It kept leaking because it was forever being knocked which put pressure on the pipes. Also the fan was noisy and as it got older only got more noisy but was impossible to service.

  • That does make sense but for the average punter like me it just makes him come across as someone who's more interested in the commission than having happy customers

  • Good to know, I've already booked the kickboard a few times so will have to take that into consideration.

  • Gotta says painting the floor is deeply satisfying.

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  • I've been swapping from storage and panel heaters to IR. Just over one years use.

    Heats objects and people rather than the air in any given room

    You can feel the warmth from them, the same as standing in front of a window when the suns shining in.

    Achieve the requested heating temperature within 30 seconds of being switched on.

    Thats very badly worded! The bar heaters exposed elements may get up to working temp. White, image, mirror or glass panels are a few minutes before you start to feel the heat and probably 5-10 minutes for the surface to get as hot as its going to 90deg to 100deg. The room will take however long xxx watts needs to heat it to the requested temp. My bathroom switches on 20mins before morning alarm time.

    In some cases, they can provide a second function such as being a mirror, speaker.

    We have a glass towel rail (Herschel) in the bathroom. A (Surya) mirror panel to replace the bedroom mirror and NXT picture panels in hallway and living room (Surya). The Herschel seem much better quality, but significantly higher price.

    Quiet in operation as there are no moving parts – perfect for bedrooms.

    The NXT image panels beep when powering on, so wouldnt be good for a bedroom with an external thermostat. The NXT controller has less programing options than an extenal but works well for the living room switching on and maintaining a temperature for the evening.

    Very little maintenance it ever required so you won't have to worry about bleeding or balancing radiators ever again.

    Electrical contactors may fail at some point, either in the panel or external thermostat switch.

    No need for any pipework which makes the installation much simpler.

    Running wires through the wall to an outlet behind the panel is neater than a dangling cable. The Herschel mounting bracket was way easier to get level than the Surya paper template and four screws to hang the panels on... I'm getting a Herschel mirror panel to finish off the kitchen when I can afford it.

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  • Had one for 20 years, used maybe 50 times to my knowledge. It takes the edge off an unusually cold morning in 10 minutes use. My gran used to leave a burner on, very effective just to lift a chill.

  • Just needs a lick of paint

  • Assume that ^^ was abandoned?!

    Found this entertainingly repulsive, like a triumph of anti-architecture and interior design.


  • Goodness me, the tiler must have been rubbing their hands when they gave that quote. I've never seen so many tiled surfaces in a home.

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Owning your own home

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