Owning your own home

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  • Probably because they know they have had 20 plus other viewings and they will get a sale from one of those, and so now they can’t be bothered to lift a finger.

  • Just walk round and knock on the door, or stick a letter through

  • This.

    Due to this exact issue, I only viewed the house we bought last year after we'd had our offer accepted.

  • We are the same. We bought a Shark after recommendations on here, but it went from being awesome to being rubbish in a few years. It overheats all the time so you do half a room, leave it to cool down for ten minutes, then do the other half. The carpet roller thing just eats hair and you have to pull it all apart regularly and unblock it, and the power seems to have dropped off so it isn't as effective as it was.

    Have just bought a Vax in the sales and so far it feels like a decent buy.

  • The office has hardly anyone there (walked past a couple of times a day) and they never answer the phone, it just rings through to head office i’m guessing covid has a part to play in that.
    I don’t think it’s a surplus of buyers issue but a staffing one.
    I would be pissed if i was a seller and a potential buyer rather than a tyre kicker couldn’t get a viewing, it’s not a 100 people open house queuing down the street situation.

    going to stick a note through when back on Sunday.

  • Are there any column radiator makes to go for / stay away from? And ideally, any suppliers that keep stock and can deliver in a few days?

  • Had this locally too, family wants a flat on same street as ours (defo too close for them to us TBH, but they like the place), every time a flat comes up, literally call the morning of the sign going up = bookings full, please try another one another time. So this week I just rocked up to a viewing that I could see going on, during a dog walk and bossed my way in, with the dog kinda fed up being polite about it. Has money, want to give to your client, you interested? Oh no, the flat is a joke, thankfully I was able to see that with my own eyeballs and not allow family to buy yet another pile (that I will be fixing for them). As the area has 'picked up' the quick flippers have been in and out of these streets, usually easily identified by the huge pallets of budget laminate flooring, and equal amounts of plasterboard and dot/dab compound, but I don't always see them sneaking those materials in.

  • easily identified by the huge pallets of budget laminate flooring

    this is him here 👇🏻


  • Sorry, as I feel like this has been asked so many times (can't find it anywhere) - who is the forum approved blind supplier (online ideally). Only cheap-ish non-golf club blinds required.

  • There are flats that have been on for months, you have to want to buy one as a lot of people see a tower block and run away thinking it’s a council estate but it’s TMH territory (theres one listed at the moment) and they are architecturally significant to be in books etc but not everyone’s cup of tea.
    they went up with a big increases in 2017-2019 but has since stabilised and demand is level with supply so not an offers over +20% situation.

    will see what happens...
    anything to avoid having to move to catford.

  • These were good when I used them

  • Thanks and thanks!

  • Hearing you, lots of wrong'uns moving to catford these days.

  • Get a SEBO vacuum, and never buy another one again. They are like the commercial equiv of a Miele.

    We got one free with a house, its now taken over main vacuum duties from a (was free and new 5 years ago) dyson mini ball. Its a heavy upright that you cannot leave stationary anywhere on carpet as it will melt nylon and dismantle wool carpets given the chance. But wow, clean the carpet, cleans the underlay, even probably pulls some dust out from the floor boards through the other two materials. Totally serviceable, idiot proof, and all of your mates will believe the story you tell them about taking it home after staying at an old looking hotel.
    Sebo 360 is the default heavy duty job, doesn't like hard floors, total boss on non delicate carpets. Used for months on building sites, gobbles up plaster dust and chunky debris without breaking (any other vacuum will break within 3 weeks). The 'felix' is the 1960's looking upright thats a bit more home based but similar power and build quality.

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  • Hopefully one more week to go.

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  • Shark users, have you ever cleaned the filter? Or anything like that?

    Have you ever flushed the pipe? The shit that gets in there.

  • had a small dyson was fine until i burnt the motor out by putting a washed filter in it that wasn’t properly dried, bought a small VAX and it’s been great, really easy to strip down and clean, i used it when a kitchen/building work was being done and it was full of grey sludge from the mdf/filler dust but a proper clean and new filters all round it was back to normal.

    wouldn’t buy a dyson again but thats due to the tosspot at the helm.

  • All of the above. Monthly filter cleans, head cleans disassembly as far as feasible, cleaning the pipe, and the awkward bend between pipe and waste container in the head and checking everything else that made sense.

  • Shark cordless.
    I've found the filter needs washing out every few months.
    The cyclone section it easy to dismantle and clean if needed. Remove the four screws, that are below the foam filter.

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  • We bought a mini VAX when they first started trying to get market share in the UK. It was massively discounted somewhere like lidl. Been impressed at how well it keeps going (and how small it is) but like any of these bagless things you do need to clean it out properly.

  • Eufy robot hoover is doing all the work at my place at the moment. Small child means it is used at least once a day.

  • How long ago? Thought they went under about ten years ago and are now just a name attached to some larger company. We had an old vax wet upright from 90s that was good, and a slightly newer cylinder wet job. Both needed a motor every 3 years, but cheap and easy to change. And both were used way beyond what they were designed for. I think one end broke at some point, years beyond warranty and vax just sent one out for free, maybe the reason they didn't survive, their products lasted too long!

  • Y u no henry?

  • Because battery powered is way more convenient

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Owning your own home

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