Owning your own home

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  • Even when not completely full, dishwashers are more efficient that washing up.

    Obviously there's a lower limit to that statement.

  • We run our bog standard £250 John Lewis dishwasher up to 3 times a day (and only when full).

    Two adults and one 12yo, cooking most meals from scratch (we order in less than a month). Plates, bowls, cutlery, cups, glasses, etc aren't the problem, it's usually the pans and large pyrex dishes that take up most of the space.

    We only ever use the 30 minute 'quick' programme, and everything that goes in is pre-rinsed so it does actually get clean in a 30 minute programme.

  • up to 3 times a day.

    only ever use the 30 minute 'quick' programme

    everything that goes in is pre-rinsed

    Isnt this as bad as owning a white evoque? :P

  • Owning a child is quite bad for the planet, but if no-one did it then population would soon die out. I'm taking one for the team.

  • We have a large (Belling, £420) dishwasher that runs about once a day (probably less overall) and usually on the eco setting that takes ages but uses less water.
    Why wash up when there are robots to do that?

  • population would soon die out

    Might take away a lot of headache tbh

  • Never a problem for us. Apart from Weetabix but that is welded on after about half an hour.

  • You monster.

    Our neighbours were broken into a while back, smashed the top of a PVC double glazed sash window and climbed through, don't think anything that relies on just glass can be safe.

  • Pans normally get washed by hand unless there happens to be space. The 30 minute cycle on our Baumatic (very much the cheap end of the scale) gets virtually everything clean with no rinsing.

    Small child appears to generate as much dirty stuff as two adults.

  • The first video at least is brilliant

    I'm not sure what this says about me

  • don't think anything that relies on just glass can be safe

    AIUI once people start smashing glass your insurance company will pay out which is the important bit. Anything can be broken into given enough effort and while you could have bars on all your windows that really sucks IMHO.

  • Aye, I imagine solid wood (not racist) shutters may achieve the same....

  • 3 times a day, we dont run ours 3 times a week geez.

  • Sash windows are a security nightmare full stop.

    Er, whoop.

    (we order a new double glazed windows that allow us to shove a sofa through it)

  • This. Or a family of 4.

  • I'm not sure what this says about me


    Unfortunately had to bail out halfway through. This is encapsulates everything my wife makes fun of me for.

  • the pans and large pyrex dishes

    Only animals put cookware into dishwashers.

  • I had Open Reach come round earlier today to fix the broadband issues we have been having recently. During this they replaced our master socket with one with 2 ports, one for broadband, one for landline. I didn't check at the time, but in doing so they must have cut off the connection to the phone line extender which runs through to a box on the other side of the wall where we normally keep the router (there's no main socket near the master socket...)

    Do I have any recourse, seeing as they fixed the issue and I'm assuming their service is to my ISP, not me?

  • Cabling from the master socket / NTE is the customers responsibility. Have they actually cut it off or is it just post filter now and so doesn't have broadband on it? Do you get a dial tone with a regular phone?

    It shouldn't be too tricky to reconnect if it is disconnected. There are various faceplates being fitted but you should be able to remove the front to reveal a test socket and on the back of the removable bit connections for your extension wiring.

  • is it just post filter now and so doesn't have broadband on it

    Ah I think it's this - He mentioned something about it improving performance. But I don't have a landline to check...

  • Goodbye kitchen, the entire floor was rotten (thank previous owner).

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  • Nice big space there Ed, that Chimney breast is just asking for a cooker to go in there!

  • Crime indeed! Luckily no need to get reclaimed timber as it gonna get painted white, the main support is fine also, and kitchen will be replaced with a budget Wren type.

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Owning your own home

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