Owning your own home

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  • What was up with the house today? Looked OK superficially from the pics. Solidarity from the aspiring owner of one edwardian dump to another anyway init

  • Poor layout, badly done side return kitchen, damp, second bedroom basically had water pouring down a wall because 'the flashing has gone', according to the estate agent. Plus owners aren't in a chain 'but don't want to move out for four months'. Not really going to work for school applications. Gave us a rare and pleasing opportunity to tell the estate agent it was a hard pass as we left the viewing.

  • Ah shit. Well that's game over for e12 I guess then unless something else comes up?

    You know you can still apply for aldersbrook school via your local council right? And then just update them if you actually end up moving there.

  • I think it is game over for E12. Can't face driving over there again.

  • I love that "E12" gets bandied around as a desirable address thanks to Aldersbrook.

    I hope that our house (decidedly not in Aldersbrook) shows up in some searches as a result.

  • This thing is fucking amazing for everything in the house (was sanding the wall to put primer on).

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  • Get an extraction hose on it and you’ll be even more impressed.

  • And get the cordless one ;)

  • They’re way too expensive! Cordless drill and dremel is definitely worth having tho.

  • I also hate it and hate everyone who champions it.

  • Does anyone have a recommendation for a planning consultant specialising in/with connections to Waltham Forest?

    We’ve just had what I assumed to be a dead-cert Permitted Development ground floor extension application rejected, and I fear we may need to re-submit under full planning.

    Need a set of professional eyes to go over the plans and advise...

  • Space 120 Architects

    120 Winchester Road


    E4 9JP

    Tel 020 3243 0088 / 07745 895 216

    Got my mate planning In e17 when it didn't look possible at one point.

  • For longer jobs, corded sander is the way to go. Grab yourself a Henry hoover though and some rubber vacuum hose adapters off eBay (and a stock of spare bags for the Henry). Makes the job close to dustless.

  • You still need to apply for PD? I assumed, naively, that you just crack on and build and notify building control if required. Although I was looking in relation to outhouses.

  • Wish I'd known about those adapters when I did my stairs.

  • I keep losing them, or cutting them to fit different tools, so bought loads recently.

  • Fortunately we brought a tiny (compared to you lots) flat, didn’t need to do a lots of sanding as we only got two big room.

  • It’s good practice to get a Lawful Development Certificate before starting so you have something to wave around later if someone queries the planning status.

  • ... utter search / writing things down on a note pad / dredge failure: there's a preferred curtain track company, that's occasionally been mentioned - in my head it was something like sparkles / glitter / shiny - can someone please help me?

    They did curved, automated, and had a bit of an old fashioned website...

  • Silent gliss keeps coming up on our eternal search to find something that ms_com doesn't hate

  • This is under the new ‘Tory-plus’ larger home extension guise of PD, which requires prior approval and neighbour consultation, but means that we can in theory fill in the entirety of our 3m x 6m side-return.

  • Thanks! Will give them a shout.

    Anyone else used a good planning consultant in Waltham Forest?

  • bingo. thank you!

  • Home / contents insurance renewal making me want to smash

  • Went from this to this, the original owner decided to paint the purple in gloss which result in almost sn hour worth of sanding and a bit of skimming.

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Owning your own home

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