Owning your own home

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  • Few quick Qs is anyone has any ideas please:

    Is chancel repair indemnity insurance something worth bothering with?

    On my flat which has a different floorplan to the lease, this had building regs approval at the time so that should be cool?

    To alter a stud wall's position in a conservation area and do it by the book as to not affect any future saleability, what is the process? Permission from council (due to conservation area) or just get building regs bought off by a competent builder?


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  • If Chancel Repair Indemnity Insurance really is a nominal cost (probably well under £100) then just do it so you can forget about it and never worry about it.

  • Isn't it about £5 or something? Anecdata from a familial vicar suggests that there's a few churches out there that are so strapped for cash that they're thinking of invoking it...

    Or it could just be a complete waste of money/scam.

  • thank you

  • By a strange coincidence (not at all influenced by this thread) I've just bought 60odd sqm of old maple sports/village hall flooring and am planning on laying it throughout the ground floor in a Victorian terrace that has in the distant past had the whole ground floor filled with concrete. I've brought the floor level with plenty of self levelling compound. Everything appears totally bone dry (surprising considering the state of the roof!) and theres a plastic dpm under the concrete. The concrete itself is about 10cm thick with rubble below that.

    Any advice on how to lay it? The boards are approx 20mm thick, t&g, 60mm wide and varying lengths up to 3m or so. My plan so far is to just use flexible flooring adhesive and laying it straight onto the concrete. Does this sound sensible?

  • Yes to laying straight onto concrete providing it is level!

    @popdown - I would also recommend checking individual "planks" as you will inevitably have some with either damage or concave areas.

    I did not do it, the only plank with a concave area ended up bang in the middle of the room...

  • Thanks! Im planning to rent a floor sander once it's laid (no court lines for me). Hopefully that should deal with most concave sections

  • Make sure it’s at least two days hire, can be done in one day but not worth it.

  • Would you not want to leave it 'floating', maybe on some underlay, in order that it can expand and contract with changes in humidity?

    Edit: probably talking out my arse, I guess on a suspended floor you'd fix them in place.

  • To alter a stud wall's position in a conservation area

    Unless your building is Listed, Conservation area doesn't affect minor internal alterations. A phone call to the duty planner should confirm this. All building work needs building regs approval.

  • Thanks very much

  • @howard can you tell me how dissapointing this house is going to be even after it has had a fortune spent on refurbs?


    Just want some comfort for when I am inevitably the under bidder.

  • Think it would be OK. If you can do the loft then it will be quite big, but not huge.

    No side access. Will take a lot of money to fix it up. Roof needs doing.

  • Edit found the answer!

  • Also signs of a leak from the bathroom above the ground floor reception room.

    All the beige though.

  • No side access.

    I can buy his cargo bike for less than half price

  • Guess where the owner of Fully Charged has just moved to?

  • Is chancel repair indemnity insurance something worth bothering with?

    either way, get the sellers to pay for the indemnity, that's what we did

  • Really? A lot of solicitors just charge you a small number of £ to get the chancel repair liability insurance.
    Much cheaper to insure against the risk that you might have a liability to pay for chancel repair, than to check whether you do, and if so then needing a more expensive indemnity insurance.

    A bit like life insurance being more expensive if you know about a pre existing condition, rather than applying for it not knowing.

  • That seems over priced to me - I’d have it pegged at 880-890

  • There's no Which? review, and only one review for any CDA stuff (which is very meh).

    For a proper review, you'd need to figure out what it has been rebadged from.

  • yes, our solictors got the sellers to fork out for it - probably not much hence no fuss being kicked off

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Owning your own home

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