Owning your own home

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  • Also the roofer has framed out for the velux like the top pic. Does this look better than my suggestion below? I guess maybe it does and then at least we can put lighting in the middle.

  • Sounds interesting either way! John Lewis do a real interesting range of shed in collaboration with the Nation trust based on traditional builds on their properties, could be a good reference?

    @johnnettles2 that looks cracking, im planning to self build something similar, can't be that hard right?

  • Can't offer any actual help, but those are two instances of a bunch of numbers adding up to 630 instead of 640.

  • horizontal or vertical

    If it's purely aesthetic, up to you, but if it's doing any weatherproofing then I'd imagine horizontal is a better bet?

  • Buyers seem to have appointed the world's dumbest conveyancer. So dumb I think I am going to wave them goodbye and relist.

  • I asked this a while back but it got lost - does anyone have any experience with secondary glazing? Its something we're considering but I currently can't see any options that don't look horrendous. Maybe they all do though.

  • Horizontal unless you've good reason not to, better weather/water protection.

  • Off topic, but thought this would be a good place to ask.

    Anyone in North, North London got a recommendation for a firm of high St. solicitors for wills?


  • Not a direct reccomendation, but will aid is coming up in November, if you fancy adding a bit to charity for free. https://www.willaid.org.uk/

  • Cheers. As I've run through what I want to happen with dependents it's occurred to me that I want something done properly.

  • Yep, that was what made me get mine sorted. We found a local solicitor through willaid a couple of years ago, and were happy with what we ended up with.

  • At it again, save us a whopping £450 by doing both room ourselves.

    One question, look like one of the reclaim wood we brought have what look like some kind of treatment on it, it didn’t go away so it look like it already deep in the wood.

    Any tips beside ripping it off again?

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  • Embrace it! It’s old wood in an old house, don’t try and aim for perfection.
    My floor is quite the shit show but it tells a story.

  • Possibly chemical preservatives - that stuff often leaves a greenish sheen

    I'd leave it unless it's super straightforward to pull it up (and flip the board over if the other side is fine). It will change colour over time.

  • It will change colour over time.

    That what I like to hear, it’s not too bad. Just one floorboard with that colour by the sitting room entrance, it will get oiled soon which will make it look nicer.

  • Yes Karen O’Brien at Solomon, Taylor, Shaw, in Hampstead. Not the cheapest, but good lawyers.

  • Could oil that board first - see what it does. If it's acceptable leave it in, if not, up it comes. Better to find out early I guess.

  • Parter is about to put her flat on the market and a quick scan of the estate agent agreement has got me confused (not difficult) there is an exclusivity period of 6 weeks and then it talks of ‘multi agency’ which im not sure about

    14.2 The Multiple Agency Agreement shall continue for that period of time (the ‘Multiple Agency Period’) until terminated by either the Seller or the Agent giving the other party 14 days’ notice in writing expiring on or after the Agency Period, in which case it shall terminate on the last day of the notice period.
    14.3 The Seller will be liable to pay the Commission Fee to the Agent, in addition to any other costs or charges agreed if at any time unconditional contracts are exchanged with a Buyer introduced by the Agent or with whom the Agent has had negotiations about the Property during the Multiple Agency Period. However, the Seller will not be liable to pay the Commission Fee in any of these circumstances if the unconditional contracts for the sale of the Property are exchanged six months after the expiry of the Agent’s Multiple Agency Period and where the Seller has appointed another estate agent whose activities have resulted in the sale of the Property, or twenty four months after the expiry of the Agent’s Multiple Agency Period in all other circumstances.


    "12.2 The Commission Fee will be payable whether the introduction is a direct introduction or an indirect introduction (where the Buyer makes the purchase as a result of becoming aware the Property was for sale through the marketing of the Property by the Agent) and whether or not the Buyer makes the offer to purchase through another Agent or through another person. Another Agent is someone involved in estate agency work or someone who in the course of a business introduces a Buyer to the Property but has no further involvement."


    "If you have previously instructed another agent to act for you, or if in the future you instruct another agent, you may become liable to pay other agents a fee as well as any fee due to us under this Agreement. You should therefore consult the terms of business of any Agreement you have entered into with other estate agents.”

    IANAL but i interpret that as having to pay the Agency a fee on the sale if you sell with another agency after the 6 week exclusivity period?

    is that the norm? Agent is the go-to independent in the area not a big chain or the tosspots in Mini’s.

  • You can terminate the Multiple Agency Agreement part

    shall continue for that period of time (the ‘Multiple Agency Period’) until terminated by either the Seller or the Agent giving the other party 14 days’ notice in writing expiring on or after the Agency Period

    In which case you wouldn't pay them any fees unless the person who buys your place was introduced by the original agents.

    I remember asking a similar question of my agents so I assume it's pretty standard.

  • Who was it on here who put down a reclaimed sports hall floor - with painted lines and all?

  • Ah i see, that makes sense, and we can just give them 2 weeks notice.
    They have a good rep locally which is why it’s my layman’s that’s way off.

  • There are a few of us with reclaimed sport on here

  • Dov also (4eva in are 💜s with the angles)

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Owning your own home

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