Owning your own home

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  • If you go 10 minutes walk to Catford, it’s much cheaper and better for the same amount.

    Hawstead Road, Catford, SE6

  • nah tell her the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings told you not to do it :)

  • Bants or are you involved?

  • All those roads are used as rat runs for cunts wanting to avoid the gyratory. Lots of double speed limit close passes. Mount Pleasant is the one thanks to the new filter.

    But, corbett or nothing.

  • From their site: "Beetles can be a threat to old buildings but sound timbers and old woodworm holes are sprayed unnecessarily when a building changes hands."

    I am not involved with them, but they are a well respected organisation that I have a lot of time for.

  • we came within a gnats bollock hair of buying a house on the corbett estate. thank fuck the bank turned us down on account of the property sharing a party wall with a garage / MOT testing center otherwise we'd not be where we are now.

    and the seller neglected to inform us about the fact that he wanted to retain the freehold post sale. sneaky cunt.


  • If there's one thing you can be sure of, is that they will not tell you truth.

    I'd just look at what has sold nearby recently, do some kind of comparison, come up with a figure, cry a bit, add a fudge factor, weep in to my mortgage statement wishing I'd bought a wreck of a four bed in Stratford in 2006 for £19.50

  • Youll find out in about 6 months when it's all done and dusted at the land registry

  • The place we tried to buy but pulled out because it had subsided in the past and because the estate agents were top class fibbers sold for £50k less than we were going to buy for #trufax

  • Interested in what range of quotes you got for your pointing work?
    Just had a quote for £11k (including scaffolding) for repointing the whole front of house and half of our large side wall.
    It's a bit steeper than thought as the Surveyor estimated £3.5k for brick repairs...
    Loads of the wrong cement pointing has blown and lots of bricks are f***ked.
    Plaster on the interior wall has blown too because of it - so needs doing.
    The guys who quoted us have done a couple of house fronts in our street and have done a good job.
    Just don't know if it's worth chancing someone else...

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  • Still don't have a quote.................

  • £11k seems a bit wild.

    They are possibly playing to the 'we are the go to guys on your street - anyone else will fuck it up' card.

    But...it's just pointing....£1k max for the scaffold maybe.

  • Yeah - I need to get yet another quote
    They'll just do the front for £5k ish and the side wall is big

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  • Takes so long to even get someone to come round at the moment...

  • Whereabouts is the plaster on the inside blown (in relation to the outside)

    How are they proposing to repoint - What have they done on the other houses?

    £11k seems like a lot, even if they are going to rake out the pointing manually, and use lime mortar and replace the red rubbers (which you want them to be doing as a matter of course).

  • The blown interior ground floor wall is directly behind the downpipe on the photo above.
    It's been caused by poor guttering which has been mostly sorted.
    They are going to dig out/remove the old pointing, repair/replace the rubbers and use lime mortar.
    They've done something similar on two houses up the road and the owner of one seems broadly happy so far.
    This pic is from the other side of the blown interior wall

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  • All those roads are used as rat runs for cunts wanting to avoid the gyratory.

    Won't be long if the plan go ahead.

  • I believe so, it look identical and I can see my old shitty room!

    I think you got lucky not getting it, the floor have holes, no heating, etc.

  • Don't miss out, it's a wonderful development opportunity.

    you'll never make an estate agent, ed.

  • Thank fuck for that.

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Owning your own home

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