Owning your own home

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  • If we are doing projects then my sister-in-law (and brother mostly...) would like to buy this. Unfortunately they haven't go the cash to buy it let alone do the work it needs:

    Think what you could do with a coach house and hay loft!

  • 765 sq m! Is that enough do you think?

  • I didn’t think the road was busy and the garden is substantial and walled an all side. Actually the garden was really lovely and would make a great project

  • Well they are looking for something a bit bigger than their current smallish 3-bed

  • Maybe it’s not the total size that’s the issue at 0.2 acres, it would just be nice to be set back from the road at the front and sides.

  • So much damp that I reckon you could wring it out

  • Why change anything?

  • People gonna be like "that's nice but where am I gonna keep my six cars?"

  • leasehold flat, floorplan currently different to how it was on the lease. No structural walls changed according to the surveyor. Has anyone had this? My solicitor will advise (indemnity insurance etc) but just wondering if anyone has experience. Cheers

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  • Nah, the walls aren't properly damp until they have turned green.

  • Just buy it, don't worry. It's a massive flat, in Bristol, you basically can't go wrong.

  • Am doing hopefully! Super excited, just never been through this before so being very overkill

  • Floor plan drawn by estate agents are not always 100% internally.

    My original floor plan still show the toliet door is outside of the house and no bathroom.

  • What have you been told that the risk is? That the freeholder will force you to reinstate the original floor plan, that the council will, that it's going to fall down?

    It doesn't strike me as a problem unless there's some risk attached to it.

  • Yeah you'd hope the missing wall wasn't structural given how it kind of collides with the window. Front room looks much better without!

  • I’d agree with floor plan inaccuracy, but in this case, the floor plan is largely correct, but in comparison with the original lease floor plan, there’s been a fairly significant layout change (removal of kitchen wall, and shuffling things anti clockwise)

    I would defer to the experience of the structural surveyor in this case, and assume it’s not a problem.

    Can’t really get the seller to pay for indemnity insurance against the possible risk of removing a structural wall without correct certification/building control, when a surveyor says it’s not a structural wall.

    If it was done ages ago, and upstairs hasn’t had any issues, then I wouldn’t worry. Solicitor will probably defer to the surveyor response, but they could raise it as an enquiry to the seller as to details of when it was done, and whether they needed to obtain building Reg’s approval at the time.
    If they did need building regs, then that’s when they will probably suggest an indemnity policy to get the deal done.

  • Kitchen fitters in this week and then that's essentially the most difficult room in the house sorted.
    Although its cost me a chunk I'm happy I decided to pay someone else for the kitchen rather than tackle the job myself.

  • Shall I buy this and make a sick-live work thing a la Eames kit house?

  • Yes.
    And document all the cool shit.

  • Having watched the kitchen fitters at work, even if I had better carpentry skills and could do it myself, I’m happy that I paid for them to do it.

    LVT flooring I could have easily done myself, but taken about 5x as long.

  • obviously yes

  • Popped up on rightmove, I was passing so thought I’d see if I could see it from the street. Gate was open… I just walked in and was greeted by two estate agents who thought I’d booked a viewing so showed me around.

    It’s pretty rad. Needs loads more skylights up top to be liveable, ground floor would be perfect as a workshop. Even had a wee yard / could be garden.

  • Reckon you could get consent for a live/work setup? Seems pretty legit if so

  • Perhaps. It’s a bit of a grey area as it’s not a normal use class just now.

    If it reverts to Class F (Local Community and Learning) then very little chance, if it’s deemed E (Commercial, Business and Service) then probably yeah. The agents supposedly consulted some planning people who seem to think as it was a kind of private club rather than a rec hall then it may become E.

  • Looks like it was an ATC squadron. Not sure that would be a private club... But who knows. It could be awesome. Room for all the bikes.

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Owning your own home

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