Owning your own home

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  • I suggested that place could be a cool conversion project just last week!

  • Thanks, I'll contact the local planning office and see if they have a policy.

  • I think they maybe owned by Spitalfields Trust - rescued in the 80s /90s from neglect and ruin etc. Ground floor where trees are used to be where crappy shopfronts extended out. A bit further towards Whitechapel is another run of them without the foliage. I lived in one. Lovely houses - nasty road.

  • Wow that is absolutely incredible! What an amazing organisation.

  • Nice. Thanks for the link. Wish there was some inside photos.

  • You wizard, thanks. Absolutely confirmed as my dream house, looks haunted to fuck.

  • Straight from jumanji!

  • Creepy as fuck.

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  • Ah this was the one I was thinking of. Much smaller.

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  • Anyone here have an open plan kitchen/dining room? Considering it for our new place - it is really appealing to have the idea of being able to cook while keeping an eye on the kids while they watch TV or do homework at the table if (ignoring size for a moment), cooking, TV and eating/homework is too much for a single area?

  • It seems selling to the estate agent works out in my case, complete next week.

  • We had one growing up, was great for dinner parties too. Everyone can socialise. Just get a good extractor.

  • My sister has one, works well except minus TV (in another room) and plus play things. Toys on the floor in the kitchen can be a touch hazardous but it is nice to have a big 'busy' space.
    Helps to have a clearly demarcated kitchen zone - eg between island unit and wall with hob, worktop and wall units, no toys or playing allowed.

  • We have one. I can’t imagine not having one now. Total floor space may be a consideration as to whether it will work. We have fairly high ceilings and 600 sq ft in the room, which makes for a lot of air. Shortly after moving in we upgraded the extractor fan to a high powered humidistat model.

  • Thanks folks

    @Sharkstar is the noise of the fan an issue?

  • I've got one - you can come have a gander if you want. ours is a dining/kitchen area + snug. TV is in the snug area but you could feasibly have a smaller one wall mounted near the dining table. no issues with smells or anything. fan is on for cooking only so no noise issues either. washing machine is in a separate room and dishwasher p.quiet

    edit: the fan can be a little annoying if you cook something properly smelly/smoky and you need to run it a little longer post-cooking to clear the air, but it's not a big issue and just means you have 4/5 mins of fan noise while sitting at the table eating. our fan is not a hood/over-cooker number - it's just a small one which vents directly outside. a lot more discrete imo

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  • It's quite loud, but it has never been an issue. I am sure quieter fans are available, but I'd advise getting one with a decent extraction volume. The one ours replaced was pathetic by comparison.

  • cheers - might take you up on that offer once we have the keys to our new place.

    Keep going round in circles about which rooms should perform which functions, not made any easier by the fact that a) don't know what my budget is until i've sold current flat and b) probably need an architect or someone else to look at the place and tell me what is technically feasible.

  • recommend our architect- she is well priced and good at what she does. look up karen moir on fb

  • Anyone looked into / got a commercial mortgage? Looking at buying an office building and changing use of part to residential.

  • Buying land and building on it. How can one find out in principle if planning permission would be granted - does it vary with local authority? (In Scotland)

  • In England you would read the Local Development Framework, have a chat with a planning officer and look at what has been granted and denied permission in the area. Still a gamble until you try and I've seen people get it wrong which must smart a bit.

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Owning your own home

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