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  • Yes - you're right, it is there - missed that (or thought it was just covered by the one on the spur socket).

    @Velocio also - thanks both. This has been helpful. Given it happened when the dishwasher was powered off, but both the spur and that socket on, I'd imagine that isolates the issue to not being the dishwasher itself, and probably water ingress. I don't know if damp in a socket would cause an issue similar to your EV charger?

    I'm going to reseal all the silicon above and then get the socket sorted.

  • Pull the Dw out, snip off the plug, attach new plug, plug in somewhere else, test dishwasher.

    If it’s fucked you’ll find out quickly and it will give you a head start on sourcing a new one.

  • I reckon the damage is down to the plug not being inserted correctly. I have seen this type of damage quite a bit in the past, especially with incorrectly terminated crimps/ring tags etc in control panels. It can cause arcing and occasionally fires.

    The damage is to the unfused neutral pin, so if the fuse is getting hot I would expect to see more deformation on the other pin.

    My dishwasher on its least economical setting (highest power for longest time) only runs for around 3 hours, the socket should be able to deal with that sort of load (it will only be heating for a maximum of 50% of that time I would have thought - probably less).

    If there was something wrong with the dishwasher causing it to draw to much current, then something somewhere in the system would have gone pop by now.

  • The damage is to the unfused neutral pin

    Oh no it isn't /panto

    Right hand pin. Compare with

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  • Doh, turned it over one time too many in my head!

    I still think the hanging plug is the smoking gun(!)

  • It could well be still a contender! It wasn't quite in, but I thought that was due to being blown out...

    Hopefully I'll get a chap out tomorrow and I won't have to a). worry about my house being set on fire and b). have to do washing up by hand any more!

  • Cheers for this

    How old is the block?

    Not sure, will ask solicitor. I thought it was 100+ but no idea.

    Curating a list of questions for solicitor, myself (when I next view it), the residents who I have a whatsapp group with and of the surveyor.

    Solicitor sorted out on a recommendation from a colleague. She filled me with confidence on the phone.

    Survey wise, gone for full structural survey (possible waste of £800+ but will give me peace of mind), will get electrician round to assess and emailed a few sash window companies to see if they can go and review/quote the necessary repairs.

    Ran past it the other day and it looked like a lounge pane had cracked (kitchen one was cracked when I view it).

  • Are you planning on doing the works before you move in, is it a deal breaker for the purchase?

    I was thinking about it but then actually living in it for a bit and trying it out would be good. Also not a dealbreaker. Highly unlikely to ever be more than 2 people living there so I think it is fine

    flat in question for anyone passively reading

  • Our refurbed front door needs some attention. The damp/warm weather has understandably caused some movement which makes the latch harder to pull closed. We were worried about having to slam it too much so called the guy who refurbed it on Friday. He gave us a very specific time slot (19:40 to 20:10) at which he would call round. Was here at 19:40 sharp and agreed it needed fixing. Said he would let me know when he had time to come back out. Got a message the same evening saying he'd be out Monday (today) afternoon and would let me know at 11:00 what time that would be. Super fucking organised. Who schedules time to work out a time???? I really wish they did all our work.

    Also, with the new unvented cyclinder, I noticed the overflow dripping into the side path/alley when the HW was running, so plumber is coming back out at some point to look at that. I fitted a thermostatic mixer to the bath and the shower pressure imporved again. The old tap was too small and was likely crudded up. So I've also ordered a rainfall shower type job with a handheld add-on.

    Also also, builder is coming back out tomorrow to build the airing cupboard around the new tank and the spark is finishing off the wiring/electrics (replacing some trunking under the stairs, tidying up stuff in the new airing cupboard, replacing the porch light).

  • just idly looking at the summer houses nearby that I could buy if I were rich. this one would be great. only accessible by boat or foot - bet that would make the reno fun

  • only accessible by boat or foot

    How does Waitrose home delivery get there?

  • 🎶 ANOHNI plays 🎶

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    Access to the property for viewings will be by boat with the current owners. The crossing takes about 20 minutes. Passengers travel at their own risk. The pick-up point is the beach by Carrick Castle. You are advised to bring suitable water proof footwear. Please note, it may be necessary to change the viewing time subject to the weather.

  • just idly looking at the houses

    A slippery and familiar slope...

  • Anyone had a loft boarded out just for storage rather than habitation? Want to get an idea of price, small south London Victorian terrace house.

  • this is what we got quoted in sept 2018 (in glasgow) - not sure what it would cost now and I didn't get any other quotes (prioritised other things in the end)

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  • I paid ~ £2,500 with https://www.idealloftladders.co.uk/ for a new hatch, telescopic ladder, loftzone legs, 25 sqm of boarding and got a light installed (would strongly recommend this, makes it way more usable and the big striplight means no shadows). Their website is pretty good for an estimate.

    Very happy with the work and the space is really useful. Also got a quote from the Loft Boys which was very similar.

  • Cheers (and @cozey too) looks like what we’re after.

  • Same size as @aggi's, and got a quote from idealloftladders for just over £2400.

    Ended up doing it myself as I had some spare time. Loftzone kit, boards, new strip light came to around £1400. It's not technically hard, but fuck me it was tedious, tiring and dirty. In hindsight, should have just got someone else to do it.

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  • Also used Ideal Loft Ladders for 3 Section Loft Ladder, Plastic insulated and draft proof trap door to replace original, Tube light, Loft Zone flooring (30sq. m) plus 10sq. m of 100m loft insulation to top up the middle bit that had compressed over time in the twelve years it had been up there.

    Total cost of £1,745 (March 2019) - can totally recommend getting someone else to do the work in just under a day!

  • Any recommendations for electricians in Sutton area?

  • Pm’ed you some details

  • Charming! £2151 / sqft though !

  • picture is actual size

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Owning your own home

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