Owning your own home

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  • Is there a chimney stack on that wall, or any plumbing/guttering nearby.


  • How old is the house? Has the sub floor been ripped up and replaced by something completely inappropriate?

    Has the chimney stack been wrecked or inappropriately capped?

    Issues like damp can be symptoms of far worse problems caused by previous owners neglect or shitty contractors.

    Or they can be a nothing problem. Trouble is nobody can tell you…

  • Most things are fixable, though more complicated if its originating from next door's side!

  • I renewed with Santander in Feb with the same rate

  • that could definitely be shortened providing you're able to find (i) an architect, (ii) surveyor, and (iii) structural engineer who are available and able to do the work on a dime. which I gather might be challenging currently. our architect was also a small solo practitioner so she had limited bandwidth, which probably added time.

  • Had an offer accepted yesterday - the EA's mortgage guy is phoning today 'to check I'm not paying too much' on the deal I have found.
    I'm in meetings all day so intend to ignore my phone - I'm under no obligation to talk to them about mortgages right? They're just looking for more commission?

  • Yeah just tell them you're not interested / to fuck off.

  • ^ This

  • Can be many variables - but...

    2020-21 Anecdotal on a straightforward 3.6m back extension in outer NW London -

    Initial client contact September 12th
    Planning submitted December 24th
    Planning approved Feb 16th
    Engineer site visit March 11th
    Structural drawings received April 27th
    Tendered to contractors May 7th. but start dates not sooner than October and many looking to book for 2022 as a preference - also prices likely to be +30% up

    so basically 3.5 months up to planning, 2 months standard planning consultation period, 3 months to being ready to tender to contractors. You can run the detailed design/engineer's work whilst it's in for planning but there is risk of abortive work should the design need adjusting or not get permission at all.

  • Oh, where you buying?!

  • Would using a combined “design and build” firm speed this up? One of the extension factories that just churns out side returns week in week out.

  • Thanks for this. As you say, it feels like the structurals could have been accelerated to get the tender out sooner. I’m pretty confident that we know what the planning envelope is and are not trying to push or even approach the boundaries of that.

  • https://www.spab.org.uk/advice/search-ou­r-knowledgebase?category_type=All&keywor­ds=Damp

    I've found SPAB a really useful resource for information on this sort if thing (we had damp come up in a recent survey), particularly older houses, but in terms of diagnosing damp the principles are (mostly) the same I think.

  • They seem to push it even though you tell them ive fuckin got someone already.

  • Exeter, right next to St James Park stadium (noisy)! It's a big project, a very original victorian 4 bed. Probably a mad decision, but it was cheap and feels good.

  • Exciting if daunting! you moving down or doing it from a distance?

  • From a distance for the big initial stuff (fix a bodged extension and plumbing). Then on-site for the more hands-on stuff next year.

  • Before and after

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  • anyone know good metal roofers that would come to SE London (Surrey Quays?) Need capping on brick walls, edge of roof and around windows, 3 vertical / facade bits and gutters + down pipes. Aluminium or zinc. Not much but a bit fiddly maybe. Any recommendations?

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  • They've done a decent job.

  • All sorts of janky cowboy shit got ripped out. Builder and spark can now come back out to tidy up the wiring and build the cupboard. Can't fault their work so far. Just had mega shower number 2 (with the new shower head I excitedly bought). Need a thermostatic mixer for the bath. Can't wait to have a proper shower in the loft bathroom too when that's done. Added pressure (well, pressure, there was none at all with the old pump being knackered) caused the mixer in the unused shower up there to shit the bed overnight. Cue me running round trying to shut the water off this morning when I found out. They just ripped it out and capped it off. Also cut the old gas fire supply back further so we can tile over the hearth flush. Turns out it was still live, just capped off sticking out of the brick. Good thing I didn't just take a grinder to it.

    DPR Plumbing.

  • Just as well you caught that as I said the 0ther day you run the risk when pressurising a system as that could have been a mare.

  • Offer accepted on the Clifton flat yesterday. Buzzing
    Agent has cancelled viewings and took it off of rightmove which is great.

    I've shown the agent where the deposit is coming from in making my offer (and sent AIP) but he was saying HMRC now ask agents to check for source of funds. How much is reasonable for them to ask/see? I get it with solicitors asking. X is in my current account from my job and Y is invested here, some of Y will be sold once survey is back, Z is a gift.

    Did have a few quick questions if anyone has bought a flat in a building like this.

    1. Do I need a full survey or is homebuyers good enough? On the floorplan, want to see what the black bit taking up some of the kitchen is. I think it is also worth getting an electrician to review the state of the electrics as doubt these have been touched for 30+ years.

    2. Agent was saying there's a few ways to get permission to change floorplan. Worth sacrificing some bathroom for a bigger kitchen by re-jigging stud walls?

    3. Any point in having 2 bathrooms on the same floor in a 2 bed flat from an adding value perspective as the top floor in the building has done?

    Floorplan of what will hopefully be my one (flat 3) and the top floor flat for comparison.


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  • I've shown the agent where the deposit is coming from in making my offer (and sent AIP) but he was saying HMRC now ask agents to check for source of funds. How much is reasonable for them to ask/see?

    It's a legal thing to prevent money laundering.


  • That’s the job of the mortgage provider and conveyancer, I’ve never had to give bank statements, etc to an estate agent. Saying that though my EA were absolute fucking cretins so there’s probably a lot of things they should have done, but didn’t.

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Owning your own home

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