Owning your own home

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  • Yeh it is pretty weird. I make out im doing him a favour cos of covid and to make his life easy but I'm really doing it to make sure he turns up . No better way of ensuring that by collecting him !

  • whats the job? my guys are amazing but they are not into 'small' jobs.

  • Definitely a pun, and I strongly approve.

  • But ideally someone who can just sort shit out and RESPOND TO FUCKING EMAILS OR DO SHIT WHEN THEY SAY THEY WILL!!!!!!11!!!!1!!

    Paul Roantree used to have some pretty good guys working for him, maybe try one of them?

  • just need to accept the journey from fixer upper to fixered upped is utter mind-numbing soul-destroying pish

    Being told off by your roofer because your plumber is two hours late

  • there is a trick and it is called : Hire An Architect
    it will cost more but will be done (a bit) quicker

  • Difficult jobs mostly!

    Property maintenance covers part of it but specialising in thorough decoration, interior and exterior. Joinery, bathrooms, kitchens including tiling of any kind, built in and free standing furniture and complete or partial repair and restoration of sash windows. I'm also qualified as an electrician and can handle any plumbing outside of gas safe for kitchens and bathrooms.

  • I understand you guys can't be booked as far in advance. I also don't work in a team so everything takes longer but my clients tend to give me an entire place to do or at least one entire room for a few months, or I'll be working in the workshop with the installation taking 1/4 of the time if I'm restoring sashes.

    I've developed long term relationships with clients who are mortgage free and I'm able to look at what needs doing way in advance while covering smaller emergencies for them and other clients as I go along.

    It's taken 20 years in one place to get this working this way!

  • I laboured for them for a few months. I loved Paul, not sure I'd want those guys here....

  • That's part of the (self imposed) problem. It's a lot of small jobs. I'm sure if it was being done all at once the folks who want big work would be all over it. But, we're living and working here. We can't realisitically (or want to anyway) rent somewhere else while it's being done so it will be small jobs one after the other until it's all done. We came in with a budget that went almost immediately on big jobs. I have good steady income but no lump of cash (right now) and the ability to move from room to room while work is being done.

    Cue everyone saying I've made a rod for my own back. Which, while partly true, is my fucking prerogative. Small jobs are still jobs. Why shouldn't someone be able to get just two rooms done. Why does it need to be a big, full reno.

  • bastard annoying jenga/rubix cube arrangement of our shit from one room to the next to be able to complete/decorate different rooms.

    This!! At one point while decorating our flat I was sleeping on two mattresses stacked on top of each other as there was no space elsewhere for the one from the spare room.

  • This - favourite part of renovating our flat was living with all our stuff in one room and a blow up mattress which we deflated each morning to give enough room to get dressed and eat breakfast/dinner. Oh and the toilet with no wall and fridge outside under a tarpaulin. Don't quite know how we did it for a month

  • I was thinking of the big Irish guy, really. :)

  • New boiler flues in without too much drama.

    'Comedy' moment when it's revealed that some cunt years ago put a screw through the old flue in the roof cavity.

  • yeah they wont be keen on that, soz, i think the demand is high atm too

  • Definitely not letting him loose in here...

  • Completely agree. Also who the hell would want to see me using a breaker gun on my kitchen floor this weekend?

  • I've just created a kitchen using an old IKEA unit and a little stove I found that can run off a mains circuit. While fun at times I'm longing for a full kitchen again.

  • Just out of interest, what is the rationale going from a very nice 2 bed flat, to another 2 bed flat round the corner??

    Thank you! Very kind. It's not a space issue for us - we've got enough space here - it's that there's a history to this place. Not to bore you with the details but when we first moved in we had people sleeping rough in our hallway, regular heroin users in the stairwell, a £240 pcm service charge, and a freeholder who clamped residents for parking in our own car park. We've fixed all those problems - it's genuinely lovely round here now - but most of my memories of this place are of legal battles, stress, going grey, having eviction proceedings served against me. I want a fresh start and less legal admin. My own front door and garden sounds pretty great too.

  • Love it! local too. I'll shout them up

  • Market is looking quite toppy at the moment round our way. £1080/sqft with barely a garden and no straight walls anyone?


  • £900k. Shall we move the manky old mop and upturned bucket for the photos? Nah..

  • god that house would be a nightmare to live in

  • 3 years ago I had a chat with our ex-landlord about a great 3/4 bed on that road with a basement, garden & rear extended kitchen at about the same price but couldn’t make it work. Regret.

  • The whole place is fucking horrible.

    Alpe d'Huez poster in the bedroom though.... one of us?

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Owning your own home

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