Owning your own home

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  • You are more than welcome mate! Same, my parents do own their home, but bought it back in 1984 in rural Northern Ireland where it was A) massively cheaper and B) just expected so they weren't familiar with someone being anxious about getting into it. ms_com is the same as you, council estate background with no home ownership in her immediate family.

    Nobody is born with the knowledge, so unless you're lucky enough to have family to guide you through it, this place is a fantastic resource like you say. People at similar stages of their lives and frames of reference for first, second, third time buyers, whatever you need. Any help I was able to give, was again only because I likely got it from this place to start with.

    Good luck!

  • this is clearly aimed at the Square Mile-based commuter who wants to brompton it to Lewes station and slum it back to the South Downs on thursday evening.
    the mark-up feels appropriately inflated....1.8M for this family pad sounds ludicrous.
    Unless i'm getting the Lewes vibe totally wrong !

  • Recently had our previous rejected offer re-considered, on the day we came home with baby number two, no less..!

    Solicitors instructed, mortgage should be approved any time now (touch wood - valuation was last week), surveyor lined up - fingers crossed all goes smoothly.
    Renting until the end of the year anyway, so plenty of time for any hiccups to be resolved, and then do the work we want to fix everything up (fair amount of stuff to do - might make a current project come the time).

  • After getting past the EWS1 and finally getting my sellers solicitor going, just got served a section 20 on our flat FFS

  • Thankfully only internal decoration, but seriously can I catch a break now pls

  • Might be sacking off YET ANOTHER set of builders (the one's that, again, started off as promising) have turned to ghosting and last minute date changes.

  • Thankfully only internal decoration, but seriously can I catch a break now pls

    I don't know if it's any use but we've just had to serve a S20 on our residents (we're a RTM Company) and some of them are in the process of selling. As such we've made a commitment that the S20 funds will come out of the sinking fund and if there's any chance we'll go over it (thus necessitiating an extra payment from residents) we'll simply reduce the scope. It may be something your managing agents / RTM co are willing to do if you have a sinking fund.

  • Ah that's great, best of luck with the sale.

  • Shit getting real, house just gone up on rightmove ... https://www.rightmove.co.uk/properties/1­08691967

  • Nice speakers :-)


  • Great news dude.

    We had a Warner over by Lloyd Park, was great. Now we are just near Baker's Arms so fairly close to where you are looking at a Warner, I would guess?

  • Good luck! You may recall I had just bought when we met in Oxford. This thread certainly helped me avoid a number of pitfalls.

  • I thought fuck that’s cheap and realised it’s in Bristol

  • Very-West London

  • It’s an amazing house! The one I got is a little less than you and only a tiny leasehold flat in Catford, I’d offer that without even visiting if I’m moving to Bristol

  • Hah, thank you that's very kind :)

    It even has a bike cupboard between the dining room and sitting room, one of the reasons we chose it is the first place 😜

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  • Our is a 2 bedroom for the soles reason of having one room for bicycles!

    This is what we end up getting in the end;


  • Nice.
    Have you moved in or still in the process of buying?

  • Sort that garden out. Could be lovely.

  • Sales agreed (over asking price after 22 peoples starting to throw in their offer), mortgage sorted, just chasing up the paperwork hopefully before end of June otherwise we're fucked with the stamp duty!

    @spindrift and the shed gonna go and the garden converted into allotment, apparently the back of the garden used to be a steam tractor factory.

  • the back of the garden used to be a steam tractor factory.

    You need a steam engine.

  • Done.

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  • We finally exchanged on Friday and our solicitor (like most I would guess) is super super busy.
    Sounds like you're not in a chain which will make things easier. But we had a couple of hold ups over exchange deposits and buildings insurance as the place we're buying has been underpinned in the past.
    You thinking of exchanging and completing on same day?
    And most removal companies we tried are pretty much booked up for the rest of the month especially towards the end.

  • We are looking like completing in July/August everyone I speak to on the phone, Movers, Solicitors etc is basically thanking us for not moving in June.

  • Congrats Ed! Really hope you get sorted before the end of the SDLT holiday. However, there'd have to be someone properly watching over you for it to go from sale agreed to completed within a month. Not that it's impossible, and I'm not sure if you know something more about the whole situation that says it will be done. But especially with leasehold places, the amount of queries that need to be raised/answered by your solicitor could very likely mean it takes a few months.

    Like I said, I really hope it doesn't, I just also hope you have the contingency to pay the SDLT should it run over as there's no real way you can force it to happen faster.

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Owning your own home

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