Owning your own home

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  • i have a friend who bought and converted 2 flats into a house, in one go, in clapton. not certain what the leasehold/share of freehold status was but he did it in one go with mortgage

  • Any problems with TSB as a mortgage provider or are they all pretty much the same?

    After about a year and a half of trying to move I think it's finally happening.

  • A real bobby dazzler, that.

  • I'm opposed to secret cinema as a concept

    Bit of a dredge, but out of curiosity why?

  • I think mortgage providers get the hump as they work on the basis of two flats being worth more than one house - plus i think you'd need to use the same provider for both mortgages otherwise when it became one title you'd have a weird situation (assuming they allowed you).

    I'd imagine it's doable - you'd just need to find a decent mortgage broker and solicitor to help.

  • Is a central heating Powerflush money well spent? We have one rad that was noticeably cold over winter (despite bleeding) - is it a better idea to get that individual rad cleaned out somehow?

  • Can you open the lock shield valve any further? Could be restricting flow on that radiator. Failing that, close both valves, drain the radiator, take it off the wall, flush it outside with a hose to remove the crap inside and refit. If that doesn't work, then get a plumber/heating engineer to take a look.

  • Where is it in the system? Beginning, end, above, below?

    Might just be imbalanced as @stevo_com suggests. If the flow can't be de-restricted further, you can restrict other rads in the system to force a higher flow rate. There's guides on-line for how to balance.

  • 3 weeks ago my sellers Solicitor said my Solicitor was holding up sending the draft contract pack, I chased my Solicitor who provided proof they'd sent what was needed from them the week before.

    3 weeks later, after much chasing they still haven't sent the pack, despite saying it was ready to go and being held up.

    Absolutely useless.

  • I'm glad I have a family solicitor. They're hassling me!

    My inlaws exchanged, completed and moved within 1 day, well three hours, due to incompetent solicitors.

  • Funnily, we do have a solicitor in the (extended) family but he gave my wife terrible advice years ago so we've never used him again!

    I've used ours twice now and despite having 'law' in the name are really good, the sellers has been woeful so far.

  • Er so despite worrying the SE London 'family house' market was mad, we've had an offer accepted on the second place we looked at.

    Bit of a shock, and now we need to find a surveyor (apparently within 2 weeks!)

    Anyone have recommendations, forest hill / SE London way?

  • Stephen was great for me and have recommended him (successfully to a few mates). Old school, but in a good, thorough way https://www.jamesrossandcoltd.co.uk/

  • Perfect, thanks!

  • Ground floor at the front of house, boiler is at the back and CH pump is in the bathroom on 1st floor with megaflo etc.

    Might have a go at cleaning it out myself based on these comments. Do I need to drain the whole system or can I just isolate the one I am removing?

  • I mean it depends how bad your heating system is, personally I think power flushing is a fuckin waste of time!

  • Nah just isolate the one your taking off and drain it or get your hands over it so all the shite doesn’t go over your floor!

  • Finally had a builder come over who's happy to build us a garage, hurrah! He's a chippy by trade so we could get a veranda built at the same time, that will transform the way we live... Fingers crossed it all comes together this time, so many let downs with builders up to now...

  • anyone know of any alternatives to this (which are available in the UK)?

  • So found out today at the 8th time if Calling that our solicitor is off for the week.

    4 weeks before the stamp duty deadline....

    At least our estate agent is talking to us cos the solicitor has been useless.
    The trust pilot review at the end of this will be carefully considered and well crafted. Concluding with the words "fucking useless"

  • Anyone got tips for drying concrete? All I've got to hand is a little dehumidifier and a heater.

    If you're flooded from the flat above (actually shared pipes so the community whatsit is paying) do they pay for all the damages as well as my stonking powerbill running all this heating shit? :S

  • Sounds annoying! I'd expect, rightly or wrongly, to cover the damage in my own flat with my own money (or insurance)

  • Trying to shift on the rolls royce of dehumidifers here if anyone fancies: https://www.lfgss.com/conversations/3644­94/

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Owning your own home

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