Owning your own home

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  • I'm checking later (it's a ballache to get behind) but it's been working fine since January and suddenly there's water on the floor. Not sure the feed would suddenly do that, unless an seal or o-ring has gone?

  • Nah I've done it twice now and it's quick if you undo the bleed valve.

    Did need a pal to help with the one in the front room though - it was about two metres long and double, so weighed an absolute tonne. Getting it down the stairs wasn't fun!

  • @Howard for max smug points call it detailing

  • Somewhere straight off the set of Dynasty, with a level of style and luxury that would make Joan Collins feel at home

  • Sounds like they known their target market

  • Unlikely, but if you can pull it out, it's the easiest thing to check.

  • Ha, I know how to drain a radiator. Gotta mind to turn it off when you flip it to get it out tho 😉

  • Saves me from having a live hose through the length of the house which pleases me a lot.

    Alas I ‘only’ have a Skoda so foam porn shots are gonna be pretty tame.

  • I’ve been given the contact details of a builder by our loft company. I can’t contact him yet, as I need to have the date of the loft work apparently, but it will be to repoint this wall.

    The loft people didn’t seem to think it would need scaffolding to go over into the neighbour’s garden, but I really don’t see how you can access the wall with only scaffolding that is on our side.

    Anyway, anyone have any idea what I should budget for it? It’s the single biggest unknown in all the renovation work right now. Had a similar sized area (10m2) repointed last year at the upper side of the house, which was obviously easier to access with a tower and that was £1k+VAT. Can I safely assume it will be around that?

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  • Remembers for future time.

  • Prices may be up a bit on last year but that figure does seem about right to me. I'm only going from having arranged the job being done a couple of times. As far as scaffolding goes, you needn't worry. In fact if you've no experience of telling scaffolders what to do you won't get much choice in the configuration! If they know it's pointing and the loft they might work out where best to position the 'lifts' but a lot depends on how they like to work and what lengths they have available. If they have to use your neighbours garden it will probably be fait accompli and no harm will come of it.

  • If they have to use your neighbours garden it will probably be fait accompli and no harm will come of it.

    Emphasis on the word 'probably'. I've earned a fair bit from people who didn't accept it as a fait accompli, and the people who thought it would be.

  • Good to know. I try to avoid scaffolders where possible. I struggle to imagine them taking legal assistance. I can imagine them being chased by bailiffs.

  • Oh, they're never chased by bailiffs. They just set up Dodgy Scaffolding 2021 Mark 16 Ltd, and dump Mark 15...

  • I had pebbledash removed, bricks cleaned and re-pointed for that much. Front of terraced house, Leytonstone 2018. Can share the blokes details

  • That sounds incredibly cheap!

  • Click the actual link and it starts 2.15 mins in which is the right place..
    Game changer!

    Nice 👍

  • That does sound good. Could you forward their details?

  • Our lender has requested our solicitor "stop sending stupid emails" - exact quote.

  • Can you specify 😂

  • basically digging a hole when not needed, there is £750 of work that we want to get done, the solicitor mentioned that we would be seeking an allowance of £750 to get this done. Lender said no you cant do that via an allowance. I said to solicitor just leave it then we just want to complete. Solicitor then emailed saying "are we ok to proceed without the allowance then and the buyer completes the work on completion".

    Our mortgage adviser at Halifax said of course you can, but why is he emailing that to head office and basically how he had worded it was like there was an issue out of nothing.

    Now head office have instructed that they need to send round a surveyor to check out the work that needs to be done. (3 bricks are missing in the firewall and a void filling in attic). This is OUR private survey that revealed these things. Who knows when they will go round, what they will say, do we need to do the work before completion etc.

    Game over, house exchange isn't going to happen before end June, solicitor totally fucked it

  • Absolute arsehole. I'm guessing your going ballistic at them!

  • seething, honestly

    Imagine managing to make the lender think that the attached is so bad they need to send someone round to check the house is still worth mortgaging

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  • Anyone had experience of buying the other flat in a converted semi and then converting them back into 1 freehold house? Setting aside the planning and leasehold/freehold implications, is it possible from a mortgage perspective?

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Owning your own home

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