Owning your own home

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  • I'm intrigued to see what this will go for at auction. Nice spot on the edge of Dartmoor:

  • Thanks. He was busy but his mate came around. He couldn't find the leak and suspects it might be coming from upstairs. There's a column in the corner where all the upstairs pipes come from and that tallies with where we're seeing the water.

    Happy days :S

  • Ok. Hope you get it sorted soon.
    Water being naughty is a right nuisance.

  • interesting
    so based on that, what is the likely modern house mark-up for their efforts ? about 70k ?

  • i think both that, and the ‘not so nice’ one was somewhat overpriced (5-10%), but i reckon renovated/TMH factor is worth about that.

  • Change your new network name and password to be the same as the old one?

  • That looks lovely.
    But now I cannot help notice the broken brass grille (if that's what it is?) under the step. You'll have to fix that next. :-D

  • It's on THE LIST¡!¡!¡!¡!

  • Also. That 1980s sea shanty inspired porch light fixture.......

    Link to your gofundme please.

  • Aye, waiting for the electrician to make it safe for me to fuck about with.

  • Still running that in parallel in order that the printer still works- that’s even more opaque than the vacuum cleaner.

  • Thanks for info. I really appreciate.

    This mythical property recession just hasn’t happened.

    I feel like Dennistoun is as far outside the city as I’d want to go. Living in old white person suburbia is literally my worst nightmare.

    As mad as the market is in Glasgow, borrowing a quarter mil over 25 years is still cheaper than renting in Edinburgh!

  • Is it me or is £750+ VAT expensive to fit three small radiators?

    None of my three trusted/usual cabal of Enfield-based plumbers can do it before our floor sanders arrive next Thursday and this is the first guy I've found who can fit them in time.

    If this is the going rate I might DIY instead...

  • This mythical property recession just hasn’t happened.

    You have to consider the effect of the government flooding the economy with money and interest rates staying low. It's uncharted territory but the government has to fix every problem it causes with more money, until they can't, then an inflation led recession that will make the '80's look like a picnic would be one possible result. The ingredients are there.

  • Dennistoun is right next to city centre, easy to get back and forth, its a lot of the south side thats alienated from it. Lived briefly in a fancy spot in Pollockshields (big houses close to the river, not the other pollock) but aside riding, getting back and forth felt like going between two towns via an industrial zone, not much fun. All the other areas are much further away, however you'll probably feel like you don't need the city as the amenities in those areas are really good, very 'now' feeling.

    Edinburgh is mental, know loads of folk who moved that way in around 2008-12 because Edinburgh was where it was at, but then maybe too many people were drawn to it and the prices went IMO London level crazy where you would see an advert, ring the agent immediately and offer deposit based on 3 lines of text and 2 potato photos.

    IN last 5 years, ALL of those folk esp those now with young family eager for more space are back in Glasgow.

    • on Suburban hell, Glasgow has plenty of those car centric estates that you can only access off a main road outside of the city, then drive for what feels like a lifetime through winding streets with speed bumps until you arrive at your very own slice of it. Worst ones are around Newton Mearns, and north of Bearsden and Drumtocher, anytime I'm riding bike along those roads, the approach to those estates is the most dangerous part of my ride, low spec leased white audi's everywhere driving like utter twats.
  • riding on south side is class imo - straight shot out of from shawlands with a cycle lane basically for 6 miles all the way up ayr road to the malletsheugh then a maze of lanes which mean you can ride for hours with minimal car hassle (or you can just lap the A77 cycle path which gives you a 25/30 mile ride car free). west/north riding roads are chronic - all the roads out via milngavie, bearsden etc are so busy and mostly only one lane

    we sold our place in mount florida in 2018. bought 160 in 2014. valued 210 2018. sold 260+. mad

  • What needs done? Are you supplying the rads? For context in South London (I've had two radiator jobs done recently);

    Fitting a towel rad. I supplied everything and removed the old rad. Plumber needed to shorten one of the pipes and bend both out slightly as the towel rad sits further out than the old panel one. Bit of cutting soldering, draining down the heating system, hanging the new rad on the wall, fitting all valves, refilling heating system and testing - £145

    Swapping 3 TRVs, again, all supplied by me. Two were not connected to rads and one was. Draining system again, draining the single radiator, swapping valves, re-filling and testing - £160

    So it probably depends on the amount of work needed, how much actual plumbing work is there (as opposed to just screwing on valves), how much the guy can be arsed to do it etc.

  • Is it me or is £750+ VAT expensive to fit three small radiators?

    For just labour? Assuming he can get it done in a day that's basically top-tier IT consultancy fees.

  • Yeah, that's what I think.

    Yep I'm supplying the rads @stevo_com but that's remove the old and fit the new. But still.

    My understanding from my friendly plumbers is that it's a day's job if you're quick, slightly more than a day if you're not. But that pricing just seems mad.

    I think I'm going to do as much as I can this weekend and worse case get my trusted plumber to connect up the new ones in due course.

  • No its not. I am $2300 a day.

  • Jolly good. Shout me a tenner, will you?

  • not what I get paid unfortunately. would have ten houses if it was with 000s of radiators.

  • I'd have my own Bond villain lair. With solar powered underfloor heating, obvs. And passive Haus.

    Eco villain or something

  • holy shit, our solicitor seems to be actively sabotaging our purchase.

    Our solicitor first informed our lender that he was going to hold £750 back on the purchase via an allowance so we could complete some work, keeping the purchase and mortgage the same amount.

    Ring lender to check for an update as our solicitor claims he's heard nothing "we emailed him a week ago, no you cant do that legally everything has to tally up"

    "you can either adjust the purchase price (will take 3 weeks, putting us past stamp duty) or just continue with the purchase anyway, all good to go!" (no £750 for us). We say we'll go with that.

    Our solicitor then emails today to say we can only exchange once work is complete and lender is happy with work. I have no idea what communication he is having with the lender but fucking hell, what is he doing.

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Owning your own home

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