Owning your own home

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  • https://www.montamonta.com/shop

    Friend of mine based in Hackney with a legit background in chemistry / soap stuff. Supplies a lot of local restaurants etc.

  • My flat was also valued fine, after the April change - by Barclays (though if i hadn't have met and discussed with surveyor it may not have been).

  • Mine is 14m tall

  • Better ingredients than Aesop too.

  • When I bought this place the yellow foam on underside of roof tiles as insulation wasn't highlighted as a concern on the survey (iirc or i overlooked it, it was 10yrs ago) but now I have seen articles about folks not being able to get mortgages if buying property with this in. Anyone experienced this? Anyone had it removed from a property?

    Fwiw: It insulates well, our roof is the last to lose the snow in winter on our street.

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  • It's for a gift.

    I'm going to be honest here and say I think Aesop smells like shit and I don't really believe anyone would buy it if it wasn't expensive and in a recognisable bottle.

  • Thanks for all the other suggestions everyone!

  • EWS1 news

    Awesome news! Light at the end of the tunnel.

  • If the rafters aren’t rotting you should be OK? IIRC that’s the concern with this stuff, ie it’s “too good” and stops natural airflow.

  • Also... if you remove the loft ladder a large fraction of surveyors will not go into the roof and thus will not find out.

  • ^wac

  • House/granny bungalows at end of our street, been eyeing them up for years. Made an offer on one in 2017 and didn't get it, offered £315k on an offers over £295k, went for around £325k, maybe more. People that have been in it have done almost nothing, new kitchen worktop, some tiles and a click together floor in the kitchen, thats it. Nothing else has changed in the house, outside the same, still needs roof looked at, still needs a heating system and wiring from this century, woodchip graces the hall, stairs and upper hall and one other room
    Came on the market Fri, sold Mon PM for offers over £525k, which means in the current heat around Glasgow it's reasonably expected to have gone for north of £550k.
    So lets assume £250k gross increase in just under 4 years. Will exchange the £200 of worktop, £200 of tiles, £500 of floor and poss £1500 labour to tidy up kitchen for 1 month of gross value increase.

    That granny bungalow went up by £5200 per month, for 46 months.

  • Yeah that’s bad

    Similar scenes everywhere

  • Which bit of Glasgow?

    G41 ends is currently 40% cash over home report.

  • All useful to know, ta!

  • G11, our half of which is in the catchment for that fancy school which has a lot to do with it.

    Not sure if fact or just word, home report is what a property would be valued for, i.e mortgage and insurance, but if it were to burn down or other, an insurer wouldn't be responsible for the rest, unless a specifically written agreed value type policy, which im not sure is even a thing.
    Last year everyone wanted out of the city, now folk want back in and are prepared to just throw money at it? Literally can't understand how it's going so mad,or how people are funding it.

  • There definitely isn't one as the conservatory was put up in 1994, and buildover agreements came in with the transfer for public drains to the water companies in 2011.

    Prior to that it was agreed as part of the building regs sign off from the council.


  • Yeah, you definitely won't have a buildover agreement, because the owner would be agreeing with themselves (and would also be liable for the repairs). The lack of a buildover agreement is why our purchase fell through recently (much more recent extension) and it was a lack of awareness about the problem that made us bin it.
    You actually want the foundation to extend below the drain as that means the load is transferred to the underlying substrate. A shallow foundation would transfer load onto the top of the drain which can then displace/crack and the extra water/sewage could cause subsidence issues (hence why it was covered under building regs).

  • Exciting front door update. Had a last minute change of plan on the colour for the door after the chaos working on it showed us a picture of a similar one they did recently so are just straight up copying that (below) as we will have brass furniture and a brass step nose too. If anyone is in need of 1.5l of F&B Ultramarine Exterior Eggshell (the colour ms_com originally picked), HMU.

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  • Hague blue?

  • I'd keep the paint (or at least some) for touch ups. That door looks mint and it's a really nice colour! I always wonder what those lil side sections were for on Victorian doors.

  • Sorry, to clarify, we bought 2 x 750ml of Ultramarine, but have changed our mind and are going for the Railings colour so nipped out to get that this morning.

    I can't be arsed to try and return the Ultramarine (ordered online), so happy to sell it for cheaps if anyone wants it. Or I'll use it on some kind of outdoor structure for my daughter at a later date.

  • Ah ok makes sense! Are they unopened? I returned paint to F&B and to Brewers and was pretty easy - at £30-50 a pop it felt worth it.

  • This is the ultramarine colour (you can see why we changed our minds).

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Owning your own home

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