Owning your own home

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  • Warner flat in Walthamstow back on?

  • It's about +30% of what they paid in 2019, but the price we are paying is inline with similar houses in the street sold in past 6-12 months, but this is in much better shape due to works.

    Agent said change in circumstances, but I presume they bought it to flip. Strange thing is they haven't scrimped as you would expect a developer to do it's all well thought out and to a good standard, painting isn't great but we will be re-decorating every room anyway.

  • Have you worked out what your repayments would be? That would be the limiter for us despite being able to borrow way more than we are.

  • Warner flat in Walthamstow back on?

    2018 called and they want their prices back.

  • Ha. Good luck and don't underestimate this!

    less solicitors' fees, moving costs etc.

    I struggle to get my head around this stuff too - leave it to the other half who's a property whizz and I handle the DIY.

  • I didn't bother getting a full survey when I purchased my victorian house in e11, but I viewed it a total of 4 times, took a lot of pictures and sounded out the seller.

    If you're gonna do a loft conversion as soon as you move in, then if the roof is bowing or generally knackered there is no point paying 1500 quid for someone to tell you the roof is shot.

  • Exactly right @tbc - I might even be able to afford the E17 postcode tax!

    And absolutely @mustardbeak, especially since me and my wife are on the older side of mortgage buyers (!) so we've a limited amount of time to pay it all back. Monthly outgoings much more important than top level borrowing. We're yet to do the maths but it'll be the main consideration. Even a jump of a few percentage in interest could make the repayment really jump.

    Good shout @Fox, it's amazing how much those things end up costing. I'm usually pretty good with planning and the like but this has totally fried my noodle. Madness!

  • Almost the same situation I was in. The hefty premium was hard to stomach but once it was compared to the other prices it looked reasonable. I'd be cautious about paying any premium for the finish (although it doesn't sound like you are).

    Mine was generally similar in that it had been pretty well thought out and areas had gone above what you'd expect from a basic refurb (CAT6 and aerial cable run to all the rooms for instance).

    Having lived here for 6 months though some areas do appear where they scrimped. Main issue being not laying a subfloor in the bathroom so the grout in the tiles is cracking and a few other bouncy floor issues. Still very happy with it though.

  • Sounds like sound advice!
    What's the gold standard in consumer units?
    Anyone recommend any good electrician Instagram accounts etc so I can get a feel for what good looks like?

  • Can’t really say for consumer units. And as for sparks who’s work looks good, just remember the actual important bits relating to quality of installation are 90% hidden.

  • Is there no sparks on instagram that other sparks can wank themselves over like a ton of plumbers gas engineers do with PB plumber and some other. Lol

  • Och I’m sure there will be. Not on the gram anymore so couldn’t say. Also, the spark I do some work for is really good but is about as far away from Instagram as possible, and undoubtedly cheaper than his social media savvy competitors.

  • Just wasted 10 minutes looking at PB Plumber!

  • Nic


    I'm not a sparky or know either of them, but their shown work looks tidy

  • What's the gold standard in consumer units?

    This is not far off saying "What's the best brand of printer paper?" or "What's the best brand of bottled water?". They are extremely boring things.

    (well, they come in different shapes and sizes and I'm sure people who install lots of them have opinions about which is nicest to work with, but fundamentally it's a metal box with some DIN rail and some standardised modules in it)

  • I work myself and with my dad who only until last month had a website(because of me). Hes not arsed with any of it and its worked ok for 26 years.
    I'm not taking anything away from all these guys but a lot of them are pricing big money for stuff for instagram as your defo not spending the time to do the work they are doing without compensation thats for sure. Sparks and Plumbing and that isn't a cool job, its a nessacary job but all they posts are for other people in the trade and its a bit cock measurey imo.

  • and its a bit cock measurey imo.

    100%. That CJR bloke does my tits in. Has plenty to say about work he discovers (he might be right, but comes across as a bit of a bellend). Weird YouTube flexing for the keyboard warriors.

  • That CJR bloke does my tits in

    Wouldn’t be the first person to say that.

  • Struggling to find a local carpenter who available this year… anyone know anyone in e17?

  • Managed to get an offer accepted for a flat in Catford.

    Is there's a forum approved surveyor to make sure I don't waste our mortgages on a potentially bad flat.

  • Is it a purpose built block or a converted house thing?

  • Congrats. So sad to be missing peak fixie skidder catford. @laner @chainbreaker nevar 4get.

  • where is @laner ?! :(

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Owning your own home

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