Owning your own home

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  • Maybe some kind of cam girl/boy setup where crotch-height lighting is a plus.

  • Off to do some “research “…

  • anyone wanna be my neighbour and rescue this poor house?


  • Thats the issue isn't it and even if you motors on PCP no one has to know.

  • how did the water leak show CO leaking?

    After the repair he did a CO test and it showed a leak.

    pressure... a flush will do fuck all

    Thanks. I think I might have miss remembered and the flush was due to the shower getting cold. Logic being scale reducing flow and then making the boiler think the water is hotter than it is.

    leak advice

    Cheers. That's appricated

    leak in the Heat exchanger and its leaking into the condensate

    This sounds quite likely give how much is then flowing out of the pipe into our garden.

    It's a Worcester (not bosch) boiler fwiw.

    We dont just go out and suggest new boilers willy nilly

    Sorry if I was unduly negative.

  • Imma go out on a limb ... a sofa in a dining room does not a living room make .... also ..... from the listing “with paints by farrow and ball” 😂

  • Loads of folk shout about worcester, not a fan personally. Far better boilers on the market.

    Depending on the age it could worth getthing the manufacturer out on a fixed price repair to sort it.

  • Well in ours there is a special piece of moulded polystyrene upgrade to make leaking water run over one of the more expensive electrical components, to reduce the cost of repair.

    There is something both beautiful and hideous about a manufacturer pricing up fixing a fundamental design flaw, and then realising its better VFM to design a little cover instead.

    On balance I've not been very impressed and would probably look elsewhere.

  • I do agree, from an engineers point of view they are pish to work on, difficult to change parts and full of plastic. People rave about them but they aren't good imo.

    We fit baxi/main stuff and my dad has done for 20 odd years. Yeah they have had shit models but the duotec the previous model was fantastic. The new models are very similar but smaller and a bit lighter from an installer pov but very similar to the previous model.

    Avoid vokera and a few others, but every engineer has there favs. You want something thats reliable and if it does break down you have a decent engineer that will come and fix it(I know that a lot of boilers now have long warranty's but installer is usually the first call)

  • Thanks that's good to know.

  • My heating engineer said similar about WB and normally does Vaillant, but I got one anyway. The newest one, 8000 Life.

    He was well impressed with it.

  • Stratford was a mixed bag last time I went there for sure, but the wick and Olympic park are next door.

    I lived about 1 min walk from there for 5 years
    By all accounts was a really useful location to live. Bit rough but hey it's London.

    House prices in London in general are absurd but I probably agree with you there re: ok value

  • Don’t go too cutting edge. We got a Vaillant EcoTech Exclusive super green blah blah a few years ago when it first came out.

    All the engineers that came round (three or four before someone worked out the problem) said they’d never seen one before. Ours was basically a test case to see what goes wrong and consequently what setting to use on future models. Luckily I wangled a seven year warranty so all this was free, if very frustrating.

  • You lot were all wrong. I merely mentioned "so, how do we contact you to make an offer" and she immediately gave me a price 5% below asking and said this is their minimum.

    It's still too much though so I think I'll leave it be for now.


  • The Iron Maiden pub's just been done up round the corner:


  • what's to rescue ?

  • any resemblance of a lovely mid century house

  • Surely worth going back with a 'thanks, but considering the saving in fees, blah blah we were thinking more like £xxx. Do let us know if you reconsider. Love, hippy xxx'
    Gives them something to think about.

  • Having looked at it again, devoid of furniture and thought more about the layout and what I want/need, I think I'm more inclined to leave it be and if I come back in 6 months and it's still there, then I might bother lowballing. Essentially, I'm not in love with it and I think it should be more like 20% less then their asking price, not 5% so I'm quite prepared to wait and find something else.

  • i see what you mean. not sure this is prime modernist material though, i have seen far worse when it comes to spotlights and floating parquet :)

  • Sounds like it’s just the first round of negotiations, I wouldn’t give you my ‘real’ minimum in the first conversation. It they go 5% down without you even asking, there is a chance they would go to 15 %

  • Yeah, I assume as much, but like I said I'm less interested in it now. There's a couple of other places that have some advantages over this one and I'm in a position to wait, build up a bigger deposit and maybe look elsewhere.

  • Looks like our new place may complete before June. As a result I'm spending imaginary money on home refurbishment.

    What are people's opinions on solid wood floors throughout (over concrete base)? I've found a potential source of Ash and Oak flooring at pennies on the pound, So would also like opinions on which looks/functions better.

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Owning your own home

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