Owning your own home

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  • @NickCJ I viewed it tonight, it's best and finals by 11am (bloody bristol market). What's PD? will have a Google and look into building regs.
    So would you not buy it without some evidence or certainty which would help you when you come to sell it?
    Cheers for the info

  • @aggi amazing as in might not need planning/regs? Lmk on the pre amp postage also please lol! Cheers :)

  • When you put an offer in, normal to attach AIP I've seen but if the deposit is more than say 10%, would they expect to see evidence there and then? Or is that personal info not to share unless you have to?

  • If you’ve got a mortgage advisor you can ask them to vouch for it as long as they’ve seen proof

  • Usually not necessary but might make your offer more convincing to the buyer

  • I was trying to work out what was going on in that first picture of the 'extension' you posted. I see now.

  • Has Bristol always been mental or is it an influx of London cunts making it particularly spicy?

  • @Gewürzt think London people and stamp duty holiday. I only moved in September though (from the North) so can't comment really over the last year as only been looking for 2-3 months

  • I guess maybe it's technically a conservatory so doesn't need planning permission or building regs. It's pretty amazing though.


  • @Howard even though it's built with bricks? Where does the line get drawn? Next door probably had planning (was inside his kitchen after my viewing - solid guy and a cyclist - due diligence went well!) Their extension was done in 2013 and this one's conservatory was 2007.

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  • even though it's built with bricks?

    I think so. It's using the Party walls on either side right? So it's just a glass roof lean to.

    Where does the line get drawn?

    Not sure exactly, but if it's mostly glass and you could pull it off and chuck it in the bin and the house would still be secure, weather proof and function, it's probably classed as a conservatory or lean to. If they took the doors out and knocked down the wall behind it, then it's an extension.

  • @Howard thanks that's super helpful

  • Whatever it is, it’s shonky as fuck.

  • Yeah, would not bang.

    Makes ours look pretty bomb proof in comparison.

  • @ectoplasmosis the conservatory? The inside table bit is and the plumbing, but the outside looks Okay to me

  • not 100% but glass roof, predominately constructed from glass and separated by doors from main house, also it can't share the heating system with the main house but can have its own system...

  • https://www.foxtons.co.uk/properties-for­-sale/se11/chpk3824667/tour

    I'm sure this has already appeared on the thread, but my goodness the 3D tour is fun.

  • hard to tell from the pics - but the conservatory looks like a 'pull it down and start over' job to me. do you have a view from the back door out ? regardless, wouldn't base your purchase on the conservatory. all about making sure the fundamentals are good (location location location + footprint + extendability/'adding value')

  • The cat must feel a bit marginalised

  • kennington where it started, like
    kennington where my heart is

  • @pryally so it's not separated inside, see pic here, and I'd want to open it over more as in the neighbour's house. It has undefloor hearing so might tick the separate box.

    Rightmove ad was here if anyone wants to point things out. Missed out on 2 recently, and made an offer on this one

    Edit also @cozey cheers both. Suppose could get it looked at down the line and proper roof put on/ integrate kitchen once saved back up

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  • actually doesn't look too bad from the EA pics. expect you could live with that for a long while (albeit after tidying up the weird bit around the 'table'.)

  • They've taken a wall out, somewhere, right? You'd probably need to look in to that. That back room would have been a separate kitchen and dining room.

    so it's not separated inside, see pic here

    The portal there was probably double doors and opened out in to the garden. They've just removed the doors. It could be reinstated easily.

  • @Howard they're sending over a full building survey from when the neighbour had their extension so will check that, and if successful in my offer my full survey / solicitors would hopefully pick up on that? 2 up 2 down so yeah I imagine thin kitchen and the rest of it would have been a dining room.

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Owning your own home

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