Owning your own home

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  • Annoyed that it's attached to their wall, there's old planning permission showing the gate in the exact same place.
    It's a bit bemusing because the gate is immaculately maintained white painted wood, but the wall on the other side is dark stone.
    I keep telling her talk to a good conveyancing solicitor but...

  • Paint the gate pink

  • Would they rather someone digs a fence post hole right next to their foundations?

    Does the fence bang when closed or rattle in the wind generating vibrations that transmit into the house?

  • It's solid. Weighted and hung properly. Just had a look at some OS maps from 1890-1903, and its even marked on that!
    @Howard One colour per upright board.

  • Spelling out 'cunt' in binary

  • We have similar arrangements in our street and I did wonder about the noise / hassle it causes, but I suspect it's better than no gate and constant burglaries / scallies running up and down the ROWs.

  • Bin lorry caught fire outside my flat earlier. So it dumped tonnes of rubbish in the street and then had the fire brigade soak it in water.

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  • That must smell good.

    Looks like it's been sick.

  • So it dumped tonnes of rubbish in the street

    Isn't that standard practice anyway?

  • Look at all those Amazon boxes!


  • I went to visit a West London recycling plant for work last year, the amount of Amazon boxes was horrifying.

  • And these aren't even in the recycling, because it's not convenient enough.

  • Well, at least it's not plastic.

  • And these aren't even in the recycling

    Are you sure that isn't a recycling bin lorry? Doesn't look like many black bags in there.

  • I have no idea tbh. Sorry for doubting your recycling credentials, Bear's neighbours. Still, shame on you for using Amazon.

  • NEVER set fire to the recycling lorry. 1st rule of recycling.

  • Sadly in many Boroughs in London incineration is EXACTLY what happens to most recycling due to contamination

  • If the steel is boxed in and visible in the room 'underneath' the ceiling it's going to be much cheaper than inserting the steel in the floorspace so the ceilings from the two previously separate rooms become one ceiling once the plastering is done .
    Similar consideration to supporting the ends of the steel . If the steel is inserted in the walls taking the load with padstones /small steels 'hidden' in the brickwork ( if that's even structurally possible ) It's a lot more money than the steel support (e.g. 9" brick peirs ) being in the room .
    I mention this because very nice houses often have two rooms knocked through on the cheap without much consideration and the resulting boxed in steel and support looks cack.

  • Who extends and leaves it like this!
    Also how believable is it that the water damage there is from an overrun bath? Bathroom was above it to be fair

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  • What?! Is that table now in an inside room?

  • This extension was done in 2007 over a lean to. I asked to see planning but estate agent said no need for planning as it was where the lean to was. Is that true? Thanks in advance!

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  • I like the waste pipe going through a hole in the door.

  • my head is full of fuck

  • They will claim it’s permitted development, it might be but there are a whole loads of reasons why it mightn’t be. Ask for their certificate of lawful development (not required but good practice).

    Then separately check building regs, which does not overlap with PD. Need to jump through both hoops!

  • I guess maybe it's technically a conservatory so doesn't need planning permission or building regs. It's pretty amazing though.

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Owning your own home

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