Owning your own home

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  • We’ve found KFH to be good from a buyer’s perspective.
    Return calls & emails quickly and arrange viewings easily. Have had 2 offers accepted with them which ultimately failed but not through their lack of effort.
    Guess it depends which branch: We’ve found the East Dulwich one good.

  • We tried to sell through Pedder and in the end we pulled out of the sale.
    I’m not convinced they would have got the best deal for us in the end as the original offer was lower than we wanted and the buyers talked us down even lower.
    Our house is early 60s and I don’t think they appreciated its selling points.
    Our EA did put in the hours though.

  • Just imagine the indignity of crawling on your hands and knees to bed every night.

  • @nankatsu that's helpful, thanks! And worrying if you pulled out of a sale with Pedder altogether... Who did you sell with in the end, if you don't mind me asking?

  • Mundays: they get the attraction of Peckham better than most IMO and their presentation is v good.
    Don’t write off Pedder - they may work for your house.
    My wife read somewhere that a third of sales fall through so perhaps it’s not unusual.
    I think we should have been firmer with the buyers too.

  • Is that a fucking tele? This surely doesn't pass building regs and no surveyor is going to value that as a bedroom. What a pisstake

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  • i would assume it is so that they can watch tv from bed... lying on their side

  • london should be illegal imo

  • The more you look the more shocking it gets, just going to crawl through the hole in the wall down a staircase into a void (fall in wardrobe).

    I cant see anyone getting a mortgage on this, no way it's passing fire safety, building regs ete etc etc

  • Just called up the estate agent feigning interest, asked if they had a survey document showing compliance.

    Predictably, they said they can’t provide this but they’ve been letting it out “for years, and noone’s complained”.

    Shower of cunts.

  • Ha, so fucking illegal.

  • I pretended to be an ex-Soviet slumlord keen to skirt regulatory hassle, they more than obliged.

  • is there a forum-approved curtains shop

  • thanks, we actually just got our survey back and they estimated it at a £700 cost so nothing shocking.

    £5k to remove bitumen felt (apparently not meant for long term weatherproofing) on parapet wall and re-do with something proper seems crazy though (?!)

    That was the only major cost from survey and 1-2k to modernise the electrics which we were expecting.

  • I quite like that! If it weren’t ground floor, anyway.

    About the going rate for a 1 bed in the area, and no more disappointing.

  • We looked at a place in Jan. Thinking about it again. Assume it's still on the market as it's still listed. If it's still on the market should I just contact them and ask if they'll budge on price, right off the bat or just establish if it's still for sale and then try and get them to shift on price?

  • @6pt and @Sheppz discussed somewhere a while back - not sure if south London specifci

  • Would the location of a gate, which is fixed to neighbouring property, but not technically 'in' their plot of land, be considered a prescriptive easement? It's been in that location since at least 1997, and is the entrance to a passage providing RoW for two properties, and the provides security to the rear of three properties. The neighbour is now, 10 years after he purchased property with the gate in-situ, decided he's not happy and is threatening legal action. As far as I can tell, he doesn't have a leg to stand on.

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  • Designer Drapes, Penge did me good, but I like spending money instead of engaging my brain to solve problems.

  • thank you but pls refer to post #45411

  • Try and see if still for sale to start with, not necessarily the case as they might just leave it there to generate leads and have you on the books to try and sell you something else...

  • If it is still for sale then you could try to figure out what the story is.

    It might be that they're stubborn sellers who've had a lot of offers but haven't yet had an offer they like.

    Or it might be overpriced and putting people off which means a lower offer might sway them.

    Or there might be something horrible about it you only notice if you view it.

  • Yeah, I guess it makes sense to see if it's for sale first. Then cut their knees off.

  • What's the neighbour annoyed about? The fact the gate is across their RoW or the fact it's attached to their wall?

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Owning your own home

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