Owning your own home

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  • If neither of the above works up to scratch, you could always fabricate something that covers it up... whilst remembering how much you saved with the second hand part of the deal.

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  • Update on my house purchase; 2nd round of enquiries have been lost in the ether (pretty sure my 2nd solicitor didnt send them on her final day), and my rental flat lease ends on the 22nd April so it's going absolutely brilliantly!

  • It won't work on that corner crease. Defo would have been a good option if it was on a flat fronted part.

  • Keep it as a visual reminder as to the futility of buying second hand appliances and white goods.

  • Magnets

    (fridge magnets... not magic dent pulling magnets)

  • Stick a tea towel hook just above it.

  • Is there an appliances thread?

    We need a full suite for the kitchen and looking for recommendations that will be good value without costing a fortune. Oven, gas hob, extractor, built-in microwave, dishwasher, washing machine.

  • strategically placed fridge magnets required

  • I just had a flashback to what happened to yours when I saw terlg's post.

  • Mystery water main update: Welsh water bloke came out and confirmed it's live, looks like a previous owner has probably teed off the original main, leaving it live (and now leaking at the bottom of a 150mm x 600mm deep hole.) Looking swiftly like digging up the concrete ramp to my door is going to be the only real way to sort this out by running a new MDPE pipe to the main in the street. Better get on it this weekend whilst the skip is still here.

  • get a Which? subscription for the month

  • I think this is my favourite-most efficient option so far...

  • Just tap it out carefully

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  • Great fridge. It'll be reminding you of that moment for years to come.

  • Can anyone recommend an independent mortgage adviser?

    I want to discuss different mortgage types, and the last couple of adviser I spoke too just said their lenders don't do that. Like they're selling me a phone or something.

  • My other half happened to have her fingers under the back end as well - needless to say there was a decent amount of blood and shouting. Not sure the seller was quite prepared for us.

  • Stuart.Moore (at) robertsterling.com. has always been great with me, including some more complicated situations. Say Colin recommended you.

  • Stuart.Moore (at) robertsterling.com. has always been great with me, including some moore complicated situations.


  • Looking at the state of the guys who delivered our fridge, if all fingers are present and unbroken, she got off lightly!

  • Following on from my last post, while my water supply is getting dug up and re-laid, I'd like to re-route my gas supply which comes in at the same spot and shares the meter box with the stop-cock, but does so in a messy way . Given that the gas has to be done by a gas engineer, are there any kind of firms who I should be looking for who could handle the whole lot? Just a builder with a gas guy to do that bit?

    I'm assuming here that we could connect a new pipe on to existing where it enters the property, or does it need to be an uninterrupted pipe right back to the gas main?

  • Mystery water main update: Welsh water bloke came out and confirmed it's live

    Efficient progress!

  • Amazing what a incoming baby can do for the motivation levels!

  • Wont be losing anything when you owe them money, absolute tossers.

  • +1 for Robert sterling, but I use a guy called Gio, who may be freelance.

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Owning your own home

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