Owning your own home

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  • This person's website always seemed to make a lot of sense to me - plus he does a good rant on youtube: https://www.heritage-house.org/

  • Most damp issues are related to thinks like gutter/pipe/tile/flashing leaks/inadequate ventilation that simply need fixing, or modern materials (cement instead of lime) being applied

    This needs to be printed onto a length of 2x4.

    [Edit] One other cause is DPCs being breached by new building work / building waste.

  • It's more that the report might show the actual cause of any damp, and allow you to plan on how to fix it.

  • Shucks. That would have created an ethical dilemma though wouldn't it..!

  • Leaseholder issue questions, I'm one of two flats in a converted house and we're both leaseholders. The freeholder took a wrong meter reading adding 10000 electric units and so we got a £1800 leccy bull that went into our service charge. They have admitted they messed up, got it wrong and in the one email said we'd be refunded in the next billing cycle so end of the month when they get reimbursed.
    More recently they said that we'll get it as a credit note at the year end which for them is September.
    I don't want a credit note, I want monies to spend in the pub.
    Do I just have to suck it up?

    Housing association is Hyde and they're generally incompetent but we had a good relationship as they left us alone and we left them alone until recently. Now they want to do some cyclical painting which we don't need as we got the house repainted a few years ago. However that's another issue and after the S20 I politely and repeatedly objected

  • Yeah you'd have thought it'd show the cause. But no, just says rising damp coming up from under the floor.

    I have my opinions based on the site topography and what I can see of below ground drainage systems as to where the water might be coming from. I mean I think it's unlikely that the house is built on a spring or artesian well.

  • They didn't even colour match the filler!

  • fun two weeks here with one neighbour having both cars borrowed indefinitely from their drive (chancers lifted the keys from the hallway) and another having some freelance pawn shop employees crowbar through their front door...

    ...so perhaps the original 1930s "security" is a bit out dated.

    • Banham it seems is the forum favourite: anyone have experience with their bespoke doors? We love that we have the original door - and while it's fairly solid, it's fairly not particularly square, so there's an argument for solving the steady winter breeze around the edges...

    • Replacing the lot, saving the stained glass windows with new wood work (I think someone was doing this to a recent purchase?): What trade am I looking for? Carpenter? Are there specialist glazing and door firms that re-do rather than replace?

  • just says rising damp coming up from under the floor.

    Are you sure that it's a damp report, and not just used toilet paper that you're reading?

    For srs though - that seems like a frustratingly poor report.

    Did they actually take the floor up & look? I would have ( guessed there would be details on if there is a slate / pitch DPC, and if it has been breached inside / outside at all.

  • They have admitted they messed up, got it wrong and in the one email said we'd be refunded in the next billing cycle so end of the month when they get reimbursed.

    Unless there's some particularly weaselly wording in your lease, you only have to pay for services received, so they owe you cash, arguably out of their own pocket.

    How you go about obtaining that is another matter.

  • You call them every day until they give in and refund you.

  • Does anyone here have Brabantia WallFix ? Is there a smaller version than 184 x 182 cm?

  • Brabantia WallFix

    Yes, don't know, respectively. Thorough recommend though if it will fit..

  • Someone else mentioned in the thread Birmingham bars and London bars/plates.

  • If you want security, rather than the illusion of it, not much beats a new frame and a modern high end multipoint locking door, I would have thought.

  • I have Banhmam locks and they do feel substantially more secure than average. Realistically though that's just moved the weak point to the door and frame, particularly given the door has glass panels.

  • Yeah it looks good, the fully open area is HUGE .. will need to figure out a space OR get a freestanding one (sad)

  • Same as @giles337, I don't recall seeing different options. But I love mine. Still have to put it up at the new house but waiting for rendering work to be done first.

  • 2 of those stacked instead?

  • As I understand it, depending on the lender and on who did the Home Report, the lender who will want a RCIS Scotland registered mortgage valuation. Chances are they will want an independent one.
    I'd probably still limit my question to 'What valuation/survey do you require?' And then find a registered historic building specialist.

    They might put a retention on the mortgage requiring remedial work to be done, they will check that it has been done.

  • I am midway through stripping and having the stained glass restored in our door. Will Banham make use of the existing lock cutouts or should I get cracking with filling (dutchman) them and let them choose, possibly weakening the door further.

  • Banham reused mine and then tidied up around.

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  • They reused mine I think. They do a good free video consultation if you contact them.

  • Interesting hearing other people's views on DPC injections. We bought our 1930s semi last year and our survey kicked up damp in the outer walls, the sellers estate agents were quick to suggest a company to do the injections who did their own survey and quoted for the work. What they didn't bother to report on was that the house had been rendered all the way to the floor and soil was pushed right up against the house. I spent a good few days digging a trench around the house and removing the bottom portion of render to expose the original slate DPC, the render being at least 2 courses past it.

    Can't fathom why this was ever done but we're hoping with time it'll dry out, anyone else seen this in rendered properties? Looking at the neighbours they've all got a few courses exposed with a bell bead to finish off the render so no idea how the previous owner managed to ignore the issue so long.

  • please link me to this product

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Owning your own home

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