Owning your own home

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  • Also is that painting on the left in the living room the one from the meme? And is the painting on the right blurred out?!

    On the left is The Laughing Cavalier by Frans Hals.

    The painting on the right looks like it is the owner sat an organ or keyboard, so no surprise it has been blurred out.

    King's College Cambridge photo on the stairs, a couple of King's College shields above some of the fireplaces too. The rampant red lion on the shields in the bedroom says Scotland to me, but they get used for lots of things. So, retired Scot who was an organ scholar at King's?

    He certainly pulled out all the stops on that build though.

  • That is a dreadful pun. Well done.

  • Every (church) wedding. Every single time. My 11 year old daugther even beat me to it last time. Pride and annoyance in equal measures.

  • So the plasterer is finishing our kitchen wall and hopefully the damp issues are going to be done forever!
    As a result of all this I now own a Ebac dehumidifier , is there any point hanging on to it? Do they have any useful function in the home? There’s no damp elsewhere so I kinda think there’s not much point keeping it.

  • Do you dry clothes indoors? Sometimes helps

  • I have to print, sign and return a number of documents for my purchase. I've also run out of black ink. Can you foresee any problem with me printing everything in blue instead? Surely it's the words on the documents that matter and not the colour they're printed in, right?

  • Instead of printing out, signing, scanning, emailing back I just scanned my signature instead and superimposed it on the supplied documents then sent everything back saved as PDFs. Conveyancer and mortgage people both happy so far. Felt a bit weird, but either way they're getting an image of a signature.

  • Ours has repeatedly told us that we must send back physical copies. This maybe should have been a warning sign when we started this process with them 7 months ago.

  • Ugh, awful. I would likely just end up ordering black ink while crying to myself at the addition to the mortgage required to pay for it. Unhelpful, sorry.

  • They will surely also accept that weird lawyer fax system if you know anyone who has access to that

  • I want to put a shed in this summer but am looking for a more economical solution than a concrete base; and a less permanent one. If they work as well as they claim this looks to be the perfect alternative.

  • Good point although I'm trying to be as faff-averse as possible. I could just get some black ink for the printer.

  • Find someone with premium Adobe package and use Adobesign. They might not want to accept it, but I've found when pushed that the fact it is used and accepted across many industries for multi-billion dollar contracts there really isn't any reason to say no... I would offer but its my work account so would be on thin ice I think...

  • On this, why are lawyers obsessed with scanning. The other day mine printed out, scanned and then emailed me a document. Then I printed it out to sign it. Why not just send me a pdf?

  • My experience is only with a small bike style shed.

    But I found it super easy. And very solid once the stones are in (before the stones go in its a bit disconcertingly wobbly).

    You still need to do the ground prep. But you obviously save all the effort of having to build a frame, mix concrete, pour, get the air bubbles out, etc. Also it can go down almost any time of year. Whereas you may have reservations about laying concrete when there is very cold weather.

    The actual laying of the plastic is as fast and easy as it looks.

    I'll try and post a current photo. Although I was a bit short on stones at the time and then my kid picked out all the ones near the edge, so it doesn't look as neat as it could.

  • A lot of forms specifically requires black ink to sign (e.g TR1) but not sure about the colour of the text.

    We just spent £50 on ink cartridges for the same reason cos we've had to print so much stuff, lol.

    There are some documents that legally require 'wet' signatures. You can - and should - scan them and send them digitally but the hard copies will be required at exchange.

    I currently have a big pile of paperwork to post to our solicitors when we are finally close to exchange.

  • Conveyancer and mortgage people both happy so far

    They might not be at exchange. Are you sure your solicitors have realised what you're doing? They could be mistaking your potatoshopped documents for a scanned wet signature.

  • It's not the colour of the pen, but the colour of ink in my printer. Would need to order new ink cartridge and wait for it to arrive. Not a problem but trying to get this sorted as quickly as possible, as it's been an ongoing saga for months now.

  • Yeah sorry just realised that and edited my post. Ninja edit may not be good news for you, soz.

  • it's been an ongoing saga for months now

    Know that feel 😭

  • I’ve been checking along the way. All fine but it’s nothing mission critical so far. Feels like we’re a very long way from the serious stuff 😞

  • Accepted our buyer's offer in July. Had our offer accepted in August. Can barely remember what we're buying.

  • first new house stress down. we paid a smal fortune to have the original floorings sanded varnished and repaired as the previous owners had uncovered them from carpets but left them untreated and dry.

    The company have done an amazing job on the actual floors, but told us it would be best if they replaced the existing (colour matched) beading with white beading that fit the gaps better.

    frankly the beading looks fucking shit, its huge and sits out 5cm from the skirting, but theyve nailed it to the floor, not the skirting, so now we want to replace the skirting were going to need to get the floor repaired again

  • Ok cool. You're presumably not at the relevant paperwork yet, could also depend on stuff like mortgage provider. E.g. Our mortgage offer has to be physically signed but you're probably not with Virgin Money.

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Owning your own home

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