Owning your own home

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  • ^ Yep would presume the same.

    Fred caved in to Wilma and put it up without permission.

  • No idea, everything is hypothetical at the moment but there's a strong possibility. We were always going to do the loft and with a 2nd baby on the way it's definitely needed. We'll get an increase in downstairs living by removing the downstairs bathroom. I guess when you start looking at all the work it's easy to just want everything done.

  • Yes we did a load of cutting back ivy and nettles this year and cleared drainage ditches. We’ve “lost”one small building / stall to bats - but they’re quite cute and we have an old open hay barn which looks precarious but seems to stay upright.
    Cow shed from the front and you can see it still resembles a house

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  • Meanwhile in London some rather shagged kitchen brickwork .

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  • More EWS1 form fun. We just received this from managing agent for the building, Warwick Estates

    "I am aware of the importance of these EWS1 forms with regards to re-mortgaging and selling of a property but unfortunately with the legislation not legally requiring such survey to be carried out for building under 18 meters, the directors of the management company are advising me that they do not wish to proceed with the quotations obtained at this time."


  • Fuck that! We considered it but IMO if the kettle breaks it's easy to replace. That goes wrong a total ball ache and huge cost. Where do all your bin bags and cleaning products go if not under the sink?

    Plus we get the chilled water from the fridge

  • Just needs a lick of paint.

  • Looks perfect compared to ours when we knocked the plaster off!

  • http://walthamforestecho.co.uk/secret-ci­nema-set-to-host-walthamstow-events/

    Oh FFS, that can fuck right off.

    Well, it could have been worse, it could have been 'Waterworld'. :)

  • I guess it’s lucky no one’s forcing you to get one 😅

    Very happy we got ours.

  • Yeah. I was probably being overly dismissive or a bit snarky in my phrasing.

    I just remember my folks speaking to an architect firm in Spittlefields about renovating their place and it definitely felt like their pitch and quote was designed to feel out if it was worth it. Which for what they wanted it wasn't.

    Also I think it's perfectly legitimate. I've often tried to use a similar thing, although my boss loves winning work regardless of the cost/profit so it's pretty much never worked.

  • Nice shower curtain rails don't exist do they?

  • Sorry, that's shit.

  • We made our own from unlacquered brass tubing, bought a metre of 32mm, some end sockets and a metre of 65mm at the same time which our builders turned into a custom heated towel rail.

    From a place in Brum which I just googled and it's gone bust.

  • I have worked with the P and the Q behind that. They are lovely people.

  • We got a Kinetico softener (fits under sink), fitted by Simply Soft (Dartford). They run a flush after rinsing the filter units which Harvey’s don’t do. Harvey’s consequently can have an occasional salty taste). No power needed, £6 consumable salt blocks last a couple of weeks. We had it fitted just before the bathrooms were completely redone. Best thing since sliced bread - no limes ale build up at all, skin feels softer, more efficient laundry, dish washer, toiletries. We have a couple of un-softened supplies - drinking water to fridge dispenser and back garden tap. All else (including kitchen sink - so kettle and cooking) is softened. Cost about £1k, almost 18 months in and haven’t looked back.

  • All of this.

    Only regret is not doing it as soon as we moved in 2019.

  • Has anyone used a company to do a deep clean after building works before moving in?

    We've got our normal cleaner who we could get in but apparently the building dust is awful to get rid of.

    Also can it be for free as I'm totally skint. Thnx

  • I like a clipper, nae bleach.

  • definitely worth you going back in time and putting these over every door in the rest of the house that's not being worked on. we did this and were still finding dust everywhere for months

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  • Literally every room in the house has had work done

  • best put a big one of those over the whole house to stop the street getting dusty

  • Well this is awkward... came to the conclusion I’d prob have to do the same. How was it and what diameter did you use? We’ve got some copper pipes that are coming out so may re use them.

  • Dealing with Diespeker, jeezus Christ they are hard work.
    “Can I have 9 tiles please?”
    “We can do you a custom cut slab for £350 a sqm”

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Owning your own home

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