Owning your own home

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  • Mr partner and I own a two bed house. We would like to get somewhere bigger in a cheaper area (houses will cost roughly the same). We saw a mortgage guy and, due to my partner now working part time after the birth of our son, we will now get loaned significantly less than when we bought our house. What are our options? Is there a way we can port our current mortgage across (we are only 20 months into a five year fixed mortgage)?

  • If your mortgage guy is worth his salt he’ll answer that for you. Our mortgage advisor arranged porting of the remainder of my wife’s mortgage + a new loan to buy our current place. It’s all possible, just have to find a lender that’ll do it.

  • not my picture, just examples how kitchens are prepared in Germany.

  • If you don’t meet affordability thresholds you are in a tricky spot whatever broker you use. I think that a port would be treated the same as new lending by most lenders sadly.

  • Hard agree. We've got a full 1.5cm drop. Getting the washing machine under the counter with the back legs adjusted was an exercise in perseverance.

  • We had the house rewired and are now (months later) getting around to patching and painting walls. The living room has a woodchip wallpaper-like texture (but it's paint, not wallpaper) - I thought I'd be able to buy a tin of "Lumpy Paint" and match the texture easily, but I can't find anything. Every article is about how to get rid of texture, rather than repair it.

    Guess I'm just going to have to buy some paint and experiment??

  • Get a pot of sand or rice and dip the paintbrush in it?

  • Don't actually do that, it sounds awful.

  • I don't know - rice doesn't sound too terrible, and the texture would be about right.

  • Yes, that’s what I’m worried about. Annoying situation. Could be worse though!

  • Yes, that’s what I’m worried about. Annoying situation. Could be worse though!

  • I think you can get a stipples roller for the effect

  • Navigate Mortgages were who we used. They are well versed in dealing with less than typical scenarios. They are a aid for broker but are whole of market and if you say I referred you then they might give you a discount, especially if it's a London mortgage, or even close to it in size. They are NI based so usually charge as the commission on tiny NI mortgages isn't much.

  • Really enjoying the cork tiles controversy, in my 37 years I don't think I've ever seen them in a house.

    My parents had them in the bathroom of our family home. I hated them and thought they were irredeemably naff. Happily they got changed to ceramic tiles eventually.

  • Noticed this the other day. Please let me know their response, happy to apply some pressure too as required.

  • @chrisbmx116 @Fox reckon Kylie Jenner lives round your neck of the woods with water pressure like that

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  • Haha, like being piddled on by a giant!

    You've thought she could afford better.

    Our surveyor reckoned the water pressure is crap in our loft ensuite but I've already got my plumber thinking about it. He reckons adding a hot water cylinder in the loft might be a good idea and I like the sound of that because I don't like combis but I also don't want to buy a new boiler...

  • Whatever you decide be sure to let Kylie know - can’t be good for the IG kudos suffering the shame of lower water pressure

  • HAHAHA and floor to ceiling marble tiles. Insane money.

  • Combis are great this isn't 95 anymore but unvented hot water is even better.

  • I was going to say this. @Fox your pressure will be ~6m lower in the loft than incoming. Being in London your pressure will be 2-3bar

  • HAHAHA and floor to ceiling marble tiles. Insane money.

    Don't be fooled, they're just painted cork tiles.

  • $35m mansion - naff all water pressure

  • Bloody London water pressure

  • Or add a pump.

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Owning your own home

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