Owning your own home

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  • Aye, I have about a dozen... think I want to spend a little less too.
    @Sheppz you may be right there! Although I do like the look, its just the price thats the issue... Mosa tiles look good and are way cheaper (although I guess still penny for tiles).

  • Yeah bit too rustic/muted for me, I like punch.

  • Really like that! Cheers all!

  • Don’t worry, I’m sure he’ll still send you links to all the latest Corbett Estate reno accounts.

  • I am cathartically unfollowing them all right now. It’s great.

  • Worktop fitter came to measure up. Pulled out the sink which wasn't IKEA but was ok'd by the IKEA kitchen designer months ago.

    Doesn't fit.

    Carpenter reckons he can do a cut job on the unit to fit it but I almost lost my shit.

  • Started boarding some loft, have done enough for now but will invest in kneepads for the rest.

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  • We've got a split level garden, and as we are approaching the end of the build we are very aware that the courtyard area is very wet and muddy.

    The builder re-layed the slabs but they are pretty knackered so it was just a temporary measure.

    There isn't any drainage so we are getting big puddles, and while we want to get a nice tiled courtyard sorted, we have no money right now.

    Anyone know any temporary measures to tide us over until we can do it properly?

    Was thinking of clearing all the water I can off the surface and then covering with some plastic sheeting - at least then I can sweep standing water into the drain when it rains.

  • Area currently

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  • Our block of flats has a tarmac drive that is of a piece with the parking and the access road that serves half the garages, and leads to a sort of gravel road around the back which serves the other half of the garages.

    The section of drive that goes down to the roundabout narrows due to a railing on one side and parked cars on the other, and a large pothole has formed (and is getting worse) by the railing.

    Sometimes the way that people park forces you through the pothole, and if it’s unattended too I think it may crack an alloy/puncture a tyre.

    If this occurs is the management company liable for the damage, or is that a silly question?

  • Bunny hop over it

  • Paving slabs are like £3 each. Get some and DIY a temp fix for £75.

  • @Bainbridge if I was to do this myself I would try and cut some sort of french drain / drainage feeding into that gutter down pipe - should be a fairly straightforward DIY job. You could then get a tonne bag of chippings/stones and cover the area until you get it slabbed.

    No idea if what I’ve suggested is terrible though!

  • You could do that yourself for £150 max and tha putting in drainage too id guess.

  • Thanks for the advice.

    Will sort something out when we move in.

  • For the cork haters

    Yeah, you’re not convincing me.

  • Here we go...

    Terrazzo, on the other hand, is awesome.

  • I would say they are liable, but only if informed about it and given the chance to repair it. So inform them, and ask them to get it fixed.

  • But does it have a place in a modest East London terrace house?

  • Yeah this looks bang on, what’s the screenshot from? Lemme take a snap of materials I have...

    y u no google image search?

  • I would say they are liable, but only if informed about it and given the chance to repair it. So inform them, and ask them to get it fixed.

    Done. They will, I have absolutely no doubt, refuse to do so. Or rather say "we'll get round to it", and then never do so.

  • I’ve seen plenty on the ground floors of 40 grand French houses, if that helps

  • If they were informed that your alloy repairs would be charged to them until such time as there is no hole it might get fixed.

    Or you could arrange to fix it and get reimbursed. I did that once when I lived in Bethnal Green.

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Owning your own home

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