Owning your own home

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  • Talking about the bad luck @Señor_Bear has had with his house so far.

  • Sorry, what are you talking about?

    Whoosh. :)

    tbc was referring to Señor Bear's run of bad luck.

  • Bad luck, too late.

  • Shit! So sorry, that got away from me. I do, but as per the Car thread, my motors fucked. Being collected and taken to the dealer tomorrow for repairs so will be next week earliest before I can collect. Don't hold onto it if someone else wants it or you need rid but I'm definitely still interested.

  • Got it.

    Yeah we've had some bad luck with our house too but the problems came to light before we started our renovation, so we had time to plan and budget to sort them out.

    Dov just got screwed over by his new house, time and time again.

  • No worries holding on to it, just DM me when you've got time 👍

  • It’s not really that bad. I think these things just happen when you’re doing a renovation.

  • 100%

  • I paired it with a 6mAh battery, which seems to last for ages. Charges quickly, too. First handheld I have had since a Black & Decker years ago which was close to useless

  • I had some of my gutters replaced a fortnight ago. Now when it rains hard, like now, they don't overflow and drip and the cracked cast iron pipe doesn't piss water all over the wall. Which means it's lovely to stand outside in the rain looking at them.


  • Given how grim things were looking back in late summer, this is some good news to start the day.

  • I’ve got 5mah Batterys for most of my kit and it’s strong as fuck. Milwaukee stuff is great imo

  • I hear that, not replaced but had mine cleaned and new sealant put on a few weeks back, it no longer sounds like an old man having a piss in front of my living room window when the rain comes.

  • Which means it's lovely to stand outside in the rain looking at them.

    I have this satisfaction and smugness with my roof.

    I popped my head in the loft this morning and it was pitch black and didn't sound like lots of people pissing in the dark... which is definitely did when it was leaking badly.

  • It's good to have a hobby.

  • the bad luck

    Make a house derelict then habitable in 8m sounds pretty epic to me.

    Top work 👍

  • Window survey done. Was expecting an extra grand for scaffolding and bits but they've only added £173 for that and some other features like opening restrictors etc.

  • That just means they’re going to bodge it by not making the outside water tight ;) (don’t ask how I know this happens )

  • Common bodge from the past when the windows were one integrated unit. Install from the inside, seal on the inside, non-sealed outside so water gets in between the window and the brickwork.

    As I understand it, window tech has moved on a bit and the panes are installed after the trim has been fitted allowing the installer to do the correct sealing on both inside and outside without the need for a ladder or scaffold.

  • But the quote does still include scaffold, just for a lot less than they warned.

  • They can still not put all the correct seals on the outside, decorator said ours, done about three years ago, had been bodged by not going up on a ladder to do the outside.

    For some reason I was user124137 for a bit back there.

  • £200 for some extra sockets and a light switch in the garage sound reasonable? Looks like 3 hours labour.

  • I paid £480 for 4 sockets, 4 spurs and 8 spotlights (not sure if helpful but just in case...)

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Owning your own home

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